Saturday, 28 January 2017

Depression, Blogging and Channelling My Inner Wonder Woman

This week has been all about depression, blogging and chanelling my inner wonder woman.

Here we are, my 10th post! Since starting this blog on January 1st I have published a new post every two to three days, until this week. I haven’t posted in 5 days. So, what’s happened?

By the way, I thought coming to a coffee shop to work on this would be fun, I couldn’t find one though so I’m in the pub! Lime and Soda ordered and I’m sat on my own with my laptop. Feeling brave and like a proper blogger!

The Best Version of Kelly

Back to the post. It’s been a challenging few days. On Tuesday I had a telephone assessment with a therapist so I could be put on the waiting list for more sessions. It's never a nice experience as the
conversation forces you to confront your issues and the source of them. Some of the questions can be distressing. Such as when they ask if you are a risk to your children. I know they ask everyone that but it still makes me feel (I'm struggling to think of a word for how that makes me feel). More ill than I am I guess is the best description. Hopefully it goes without saying that I am not a risk to them. 

Between Monday and Wednesday I caught up with two friends and saw my parents and confided in each of them about things currently on my mind. I often find it easier to ignore my issues, confronting them is helpful in the long term but difficult in the short term. As is the therapy.

There were also other stressful situations I had to deal with which I can’t talk about on here.

Stress is the biggest trigger of my depression, anxiety and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS.) Unfortunately, I get stressed easily. My conditions also all aggravate each other. I spent most of Thursday and Friday in bed exhausted, aching and fighting my demons.

Today I’m still fragile but I’m up and out and I’ve started to turn the corner again. I’m grateful when these episodes are over quickly.

January overall has been a very good month for me. My blog has been a huge helping factor in that. I’m determined to get back to my posting schedule.

I also need to start my plan to post outfit pics on Instagram and food pics too. Each should inspire me with areas I'm tackling, see my posts on fashion fears and healthy eating.

By the way, my eating has not been good this week, I know healthy food is good for every aspect of my health but when I feel low I need comfort food. It didn't help either that this week I discovered a cafe that does a great fry up (my favorite meal on earth) and that adds three biscuits to your saucer with your tea!! Now that's what I call a cafe!

Full English Breakfast

Tea and Biscuits

I’ve been reflecting on why I’m doing this blog. I want a place to express myself and a creative outlet (who knew I was creative?!) I want to talk about my life and experiences to help myself, to face my fears and to hopefully inspire others. If you’ve read my other posts (please do if you haven’t) you’ll know I have fears that have affected every part of my life from the way I dress to the way I exercise and all the way to how I parent.

This year I want to tackle all the areas of my life that need improvement. My health, both mental and physical, my confidence, my fears, my parenting style, my friendships and so on. It’s frankly completely overwhelming to want to tackle it all at once. For the past few years I’ve made progress but not enough and normally give up when the sheer magnitude of it all beats me. That’s why I want to share my journey on this blog, to make it real and tangible somehow. I feel it makes me more accountable and that will encourage me. The positive comments I’ve had so far are already motivating me!

So it's time to channel my inner wonder woman and take action!

Wonder Woman

My blog won’t have a niche. I will blog on food, fitness, mental health, CFS, parenting, beauty, fashion and lifestyle. My niche I guess is me, Kelly. This is my quest to be the best version of Kelly, not perfect, never perfect, just the best I can manage. I hope you’ll come along for the journey!

If you don’t want to miss a post you can follow me on twitter, bloglovin or subscribe to this blog by email, or all 3 if you really want to support me! 

Thank you for reading.

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  1. One thing I love about blogging is when the writer opens up or documents their growth. I really admire your courage to be able to write about your high & low moments. You have my support:)

    Nikki O.

    1. Thank you so much, it isn't easy but it is helping me so that is motivating get me to continue x

  2. I really loved reading this. I'm sorry that things may haven't been as good lately, but I know you'll get your inner wonder woman to surface and kick the ass off those problems!

    - Chloe


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