Saturday, 7 January 2017

My Life Through a Lens

The Best Version of Kelly

I think photography is a very important part of blogging, second only to the writing. The photos add interest to the post. They catch the reader’s attention, especially when marketing your blog on social media. If using pictures of yourself they also add a personal element, this is important to me as I want my readers to get to know me and be welcomed into my life.

The photography side of my blog does worry me though. I am the least artistic person you could meet. I have a degree in maths and have always been more scientific than arty, even at the age of 11 my cousin Tony nicknamed me Miss Logic (fun memories) My artistic flair is so poor that I even delegate the wrapping of Christmas presents!

As I said in my last post I love photos. I love the memories they capture. I also love to look at others photography. Over the past year, I have found a love of reading blogs and scrolling through Instagram. So many of the images I see on them are beautiful, imaginative, well presented and creative. I want to have a go at creating some myself.

I’m starting from scratch here as you will certainly be able to tell. I see it as part of the challenge I’ve set myself and a big part of the hobby side of this as well as the creative outlet I want this blog to give me.

It’s my intention that all the photos that appear on my blog will be taken by or feature me. The people I will be relying on to take pictures of me don’t know one end of a camera from another either so it will certainly be a challenge! I’m also no model and certainly not naturally comfortable in front of a camera so it will either end in tears of frustration, embarrassment or laughter!

I haven’t even perfected my selfie pose (as you can see) so trying to look natural when being photographed will be a nightmare. I hate even being watched having photos taken. I’m certainly facing my fears here!!

The Best Version of Kelly

I plan to add plenty of photos to my InstagramI’ve recently followed a bunch of people I know in real life on there and several have followed me back, I’m already worrying what they will think of my pictures. I constantly worry what others think and I’m so desperately trying not to.

One of my favourite Instagrammers is labelsforlunch. She is the queen of the flat lay and I love her use of colour. I want to try and capture something similar myself. I’m now constantly looking at things around the house thinking if they would look good in a flat lay. I got a lovely set of perfume and shower bits from Next for Christmas, the packaging is gorgeous and they must feature in a flat lay. I can just imagine my friends and family looking at it though and thinking why is she posting a picture of her shower gel and why the hell has she put a flower and candle next to it, does she have nothing better to do?! But you know what, I have never once thought that when I have seen one of these pictures, I just enjoy them. So, I will create them and post them and do my best to be proud not embarrassed. I recently uploaded my first flat lay to Instagram.

Family Organiser

It’s also adding to my nerves that I have friends who are professional photographers as well as friends who are extremely good amateur photographers.

I don’t have the best track record when it comes to photography. In the days when I relied on a view finder (remember those?!) my photos were so bad it was hilarious!! Friends still laugh with me at the memory now. Thank god for the LCD screen.

This photo taken around 2001 is meant to be of Ross and John sitting on the sofa, Nick in the doorway isn't meant to be in it at all and I certainly didn't want that much wall!

Here is another example taken around 1992 when I accidentally took a photo whilst looking at the front of the camera and thus invented the selfie.

Things can only get better! 

Learning this new skill will all be part of my blogging journey and another challenge which both excites and terrifies me!

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