Thursday, 2 February 2017

First Month of Blogging: Update, Page Views and a Challenge!

Yesterday my blog was one month old. I can’t believe I’m a blogger at all never mind that I’ve been doing this for a month now! I’m loving it!

The Best Version of Kelly

As you hopefully know by now, I started this as a new year’s resolution of sorts. I never stick to resolutions. I’m the queen of procrastination and excuse making. I can time waste for hours. I don’t just put things off for days or weeks, I’m talking years. ‘Next summer I will get in shape enough to wear denim shorts.’ ‘Next Christmas I will make my own mince pies.’ ‘Next year I will sign up to a fitness challenge.’ Just a few examples. We think we have forever to make our lives how we want them to be, sadly we don’t.
So, that’s why 2017 is my year, I’m going to make positive changes and journal it here.

I’ve also used the blog to talk about my mental health issues and that has been very helpful to me and it seems to others. I have had so many positive, supportive and touching messages from people who recognise their own problems in my posts.

Now for the monthly update. Let’s score my efforts:

Healthy Eating: 5/10 – some changes made but could do better.
Exercise – 6/10 – Appalling effort really but bonus points given as I signed up for a challenge!!
Facing Fears – 9/10 – Most of my posts have faced this head on as did signing up to the challenge.
Relaxation/Tackling Stress – 3/10 – needs work.

So, what’s the challenge I hear you ask. On Tuesday I met up with one of the groups of friends I mentioned in my friend’s post, read here. There are 4 of us, me, Jema, Sam and Zoe. Jema and Sam enjoy doing extreme races, you know the obstacle course type thing. (Madness) Every year Jema tries to convince me to do one with her, I use every excuse going not to! This time, considering my news year’s resolutions I thought I better say yes. Zoe agreed to join in too, after all if I can anyone can!
Friends in Mexican Hats

In May, we are doing Pretty Mudder, the mud version of race for life. It’s a 5k run with obstacles designed to get you muddy. Think inflatable pools of mud to crawl through and slides with mud pools at the bottom.

Those who know me will know this is huge. I hate exercise, especially team stuff where I’m watched and relied on. I don’t want to let the others down, or look stupid or cry. I also hate to get dirty. I am terrified of heights so the slide and climbing frames will petrify me. Not to mention how incredibly unfit I am. The whole idea makes me want to run and hide (or more realistically walk slowly and hide.) I’ll do it though as I want the ending. The feeling of pride when I’ve done it! I also want my children to see me do it, teach them that getting muddy is fun and that physical challenges can be achieved by anyone, even me.

Now for page views, the measure of success it seems for bloggers. My personal successes are still being here and having managed 12 posts. Plus, all the messages of support and especially the messages saying I’ve helped someone, both from people I know and some I don’t. This process for me is about transparency, showing you me good and bad. I have no idea if this is good or not?! My total pageviews on Blogger are 10,213. On Google Analytics, they show as 2,661. I believe GA is more accurate hence why its lower, I didn’t sign up till a week after I started though so some views won’t have been collected. Whatever, I am over the moon with the results.

My fashion post has been one of my most popular. Which is great as that was so fun to do. Taking the pictures can be awkward and embarrassing but we always end up laughing! I’ll be doing more, I feel a shopping spree coming on.

Red Womens Ankle Boots

Thank you to everyone who's read my posts this month. It means the absolute world to me. If I've inspired you in any way, whether it be with something simple like buying a pair of red boots or something more life changing like talking about your mental health then I'm happy.

Kelly x

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  1. Congrats on your blog! I'm trying to exercise more aswel I always go through lazy phases but am trying to stick to it now ha, I'm working on trying to relax more too


    1. Thank you. Motivation is so hard isn't it! How do you find best to relax?

  2. Hi Kelly, I've come over to your blog from the Leicestershire Bloggers FB group :) Congrats on your blog and most of all, congrats on taking the Pretty Mudder challenge. It sounds awesome I have to admit but, I too, aren't very fit so I think I'd struggle - Looking forward to reading all about your journey though :) x

    1. Thank you for reading. I'm stupidly unfit so it may be mad that I've signed up! Watch this space!


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