Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Lessons Learned From My 8 Year Old and Why It's never Too Early To Think About Brownies For Your Daughter

I'm writing this post to share two important messages with you. The first is a message we can all learn from. The second is for all the mummies of young girls out there.

My 8-year-old daughter Annie is a brownie. A couple of weeks ago, she brought home a sheet that she had completed with her ideas on how we can help other people smile. 

Smiling with my daughter

I adore her thoughts on the subject. It's such a shame so many seem to forget these simple rules of kindness as they get older.

Reasons to smile

For those who may struggle to interpret the spelling of an 8-year-old (I've had heaps of practice now and thankfully must only ask occasionally, it makes me feel so bad when I need to!) This is what she wrote:
  • Smile a lot
  • Make people happy
  • Be kind to them
  • Being nice
  • Helping people
  • Do not be nasty
  • Always include people in things
  • Make people laugh
  • Don't be rude
  • Play with people
  • If someone is being mean to another person stand up for the person being bullied
  • Don't bully people

It brought a tear to my eye reading it. I'm so proud of her. It's lovely to remember the simplicity of life through a child's eyes. 

Couldn't we all learn from her suggestions? What a different place the world would be if we all followed these rules and appreciated the importance of smiling and kindness.

Children hugging and being kind

Isn't it lovely how children don't discriminate? They rarely judge or consider stereotypes. To them we're all just people, plain and simple. I know the adult world isn't always so straightforward but wouldn't it be wonderful if it were. To see everyone as a person you want to be kind to, a person you want to make smile regardless of anything else. 

Hugging my kind daughter

As we grow up we see being childish as something negative, to be called childish is usually considered an insult. I don't agree, I'm a huge advocate of being childish occasionally. We should all listen to our inner child and we can certainly learn from the children around us. Looking through the innocent eyes of children can make life so much simpler and sometimes to be a truly good person that's all you need.

Sister helping brother with bike

Smiling really does make you feel better and it really is contagious!!

Now for my second message. If you have a young daughter it's never too early to put her name on the waiting list for your local brownie group


We moved to a new area when my daughter was 3. Thankfully I was advised early on to put her on to the waiting list for brownies. Thank god, I did! There are three primary schools in our village yet only one brownie group so places are so hard to get. 

It's such a shame there aren't more groups as my daughter adores brownies and many girls her age have missed out on the opportunity. She's made friends, learned good lessons, taken part in so many fun activities and even got to spend the whole night at the national space centre!

Well that's it, my two lessons to share with you all today.

Please go out and make someone smile soon!

Disclaimer: Sadly Annie's not always so kind and often forgets these rules, especially when dealing with her little brother!

Thank you for reading, I hope this made you smile and taught you some lessons too.

Kelly x 

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  1. Your daughter's brownies list put a huge smile on my face! You must be so proud? x

    1. Very proud, made me smile and cry. Thanks for commenting

  2. Thank you for linking up to Share the Joy Kelly! Your daughter certainly has the right idea with her list, I think it's wonderful when children process these things for themselves. I was in the Girls Brigade when I was around Annie's age and had the same kind of benefits, although I never got to sleep in the space centre, that sounds cool! #sharethejoy


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