Sunday, 5 February 2017

Styling my Leopard Print Coat With Flares and Facing my Changing Room Fears

My post on my fashion fears, which included photos of a look I'm currently loving, proved very popular, if you missed it please take a read here. So, I thought why not write another! Here I tell you about how I enjoy styling my leopard print coat and flares.

Styling My Leopard Print Coat and Flares

I have always enjoyed clothes and fashion but two things held me back from embracing that love and displaying it in my wardrobe. Firstly, my fear of standing out, I used clothes as a method to blend in. Secondly my practical nature. I'm so bad at justifying purchases! 'It's too expensive.' 'I won't wear it enough.' 'It won't stay in style for long enough.' 'I already own something remotely similar.' 'It's too young.' 'It makes too much of a statement.' These are but a few of my excuses.

That's if my anxiety didn't prevent me entering the shop in the first place. Even once I was in the shop and selected something safe and usually in the sale, I would often freak out in the changing room and end up fleeing in tears. I have always been very self-conscious of my appearance.

Well this is the year I face those fears and enable myself to enjoy life including fashion and display the best version of Kelly.

Styling My Leopard Print Coat and Flares

I will face those shops and changing rooms and I will select trend led pieces I may rarely wear purely because I love them and it's fun. I will style the clothes I buy and then pose for photos wearing them because if so many others can then why not me. I'm feeling more comfortable in front of the camera already which is a revelation! (Couldn't resist a catalogue pose)

Styling My Leopard Print Coat and Flares

Dare I hope my choices may inspire others, that would be wonderful. Either way I'm going to have fun and enjoy this new path.

So here is my second look that I've styled for the blog, this look is based around my 
leopard print coat and flared jeans.

Styling My Leopard Print Coat and Flares

I have always loved leopard print I've just never dared wear it. I thought based on my new attitude I wouldn't merely dip my toe into the trend with an accessory I would jump straight in with a coat!

Much as I still love my skinny jeans, I am glad the flared style is having a revival. I think it suits my pear shape. This pair are long so I team them with heeled ankle boots, on this day they were one of my black pairs. They are quite a chunky pair which I think balances out the flare well.

Flares and Boots

A basic polo neck completes the look.

What do you think of my choices? Would you wear a leopard print coat and flares?

Jacket - New Look
Polo Neck - Marks and Spencer
Jeans - Top Shop
Boots - Red Herring

Thanks for reading,

Kelly x

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  1. You look so comfortable and beautiful in this photo shoot xx

  2. You look so comfortable and beautiful in this photo shoot xx

    1. Thank you Katherine. A friend took the pics and got me laughing which helped lots! xx


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