Monday, 27 March 2017

Facing my Anxiety and Fear of Judgement Head On and Winning

Those of you who regularly read my blog will know I suffer with anxiety. Two years ago, through therapy I also realised I had spent many years living with a fear of judgement that left me missing out on many aspects of life.

With the help of my therapist and by facing my anxiety head on I have made so much progress in overcoming this fear of judgement.

Today I did something I never believed I could do and proved to myself I am tackling that fear successfully. My therapist would be so proud of me!

Jonathan Lampon and Kelly Causer

If you read my latest diary installment you will know that last week I was contacted by BBC Radio Leicester and asked to appear on a show.

I couldn’t quite believe it! My first instinct was to say no way. My head ran through all these thoughts: They surely must think I’m something I’m not? I’m not good enough to be on the radio. No one will be interested in what I have to say. I’ll be too nervous and out of my depth. I’ll freeze or say something stupid or inappropriate or controversial.

Then my sister pointed out that I must say yes as saying no would go against everything my blog stands for. I couldn’t argue with that. Nor with my friend who said they wouldn’t have asked me if they didn’t think I’d be suitable and good enough.

Today was the show. It was the afternoon show presented by Johnathan Lampon and I featured on the slot named Table Talk.

I had to select three articles from the papers over the past few days that had caught my attention. Things that were light-hearted and entertaining that me, Jonathan and the day’s other guest could discuss.

I found my three and was ready to go. I was full of nerves though. I felt sick all day about it yesterday and had to take a sleeping pill last night as I knew otherwise I would be worrying about it all night!

I arrived at the studio at 12.45 for the 1 o’clock show. I met the other guest in for the Table Talk slot, Aminata Kamara. I was so pleased to see her as I had heard her on the show last week and knew we could easily chat about the same things.

The producer of the show didn’t call us in until almost ten past one and we were thrown straight into it so I was glad I had the time with Aminata beforehand as she explained to me what to expect and helped calm my nerves. She is lovely. She works for the charity twenty twenty, see their website here.

So, we were quickly introduced to Jonathan and then we were on!

The Jonathan Lampon Show

Jonathan is also lovely and funny and very easy to talk to so as soon as we started I forgot where I was and enjoyed chatting. I may be anxious but I’m rarely short of something to say. I just don’t usually have a microphone in front of me!

I had to remember not to interrupt the others! If you take a listen, you’ll hear me regularly laughing throughout.

It really was fun and I was so incredibly proud of myself for doing it.

Best of all, they want me to go back for future shows. To do Table Talk again and to go in to talk about my blog.

The Jonathan Lampon Show

I started this blog to help me face my problems and get more out of life. Barely three months in and it’s already doing just that.

Today was a wonderful opportunity and I’m excited to see what comes next.

Thank you for reading.

Kelly x

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  1. Well done Kelly!! I'm going to have a quick listen!! Ruth x

  2. That's fantastic, well done Kelly! Not quite the same but I got accosted by BBC West Midlands on Valentine's Day whilst walking to work. At 6.55am I had to think on my feet and answer questions about my boyfriend and relationship; luckily it wasn't live! That was nervewracking enough so no way I could do what you have :)


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