Tuesday, 7 March 2017

How would my children spend a lottery win?!

A while ago me and hubby had a conversation with the kids about what they would spend a lottery win on. I was already considering writing a blog so I noted down their responses as they made us laugh so much and I thought it would make a great light-hearted blog post!

Annie who is 8 started by saying she thought we should get a swimming pool. Freddie then 4 said we could put it in the garden. This had me laughing already as one our garden is small and two we had not long finished a miserable summer. I pointed out my weather concerns and Annie came up with the solution that we could build a conservatory and put the swimming pool in there!
Freddie then added that we could also put a bouncy castle in the conservatory with a slide into the pool.

Then they really got into the idea! Annie wanted to also add a movie room to the house (quite where I don’t know as the garden is already full of conservatory!) At least they didn’t want to move house which is sweet. Annie also wanted to employ someone to bring her snacks in the movie room.

Freddie said ‘Yes, a swimming pool with a slide, bouncy castle with a slide, a movie theatre and popcorn’

(I hate the way he says movie theatre, too many American YouTube videos, oops)

Freddie then decided he would want to use the cash machine over and over again.

They both went on to add lots of toys to the list, obviously.

Annie then looked thoughtful and said ‘I will give 1/8th to charity, or maybe even half.’ My good little brownie thinking of others! Told you brownies was worth putting their name down for!
Freddie however jumped straight in with ‘No I’m keeping it all.’

We were all laughing too much to carry on after that!

I decided to ask some other parent bloggers to ask their child the same question and let me know the answer, this is what they said! (anything in brackets is my thoughts!)

·  Abbie said Clark 3 would buy lots of dinosaur toys although Abbie isn’t so sure!

·   Jaymee said her 7-year-old would buy apple trees to get lots of apples to eat, lots of gold and a train. Her 3-year-old would buy carrots! (Made me laugh and a little envious, I wish Annie and Freddie had thought of fruit and vegetables.)

·  Vicky’s 1-and-a-half-year-old said he would buy boobies. (Fair enough at 1!)

·  Laura’s 12-year-old said a VR headset, an Austin Martin for when he is old enough to drive and an executive box at Old Trafford! (male gene strong!) Her 5-year-old said diamonds and jewels.

·  Sarah’s 5 year old said he just doesn’t want Mummy to have to work anymore, so he doesn’t need to go to the childminder….bless him. Oh and a computer company to design his own Minecraft game! (Such a sweet response)

·   Jennifer’s son Ben is he 9 and he would take the whole family to Disneyland. (A boy after my own heart) But his sister would be last on his list of family to take.

·  Tracey’s 10-year-old daughter would buy a purple Ferrari and would take everyone to the Maldives so they can stop going on about it (made me laugh, can I come too?)

·   Kirsty said her 6-year-old asked what the lottery is. (Kirsty blogs as The Money Saving Mum so I’m kind of glad she got that response!)

·  Helen’s 4-year-old said lots of toys from Smyth’s Toys and lots of sweets. (My Freddie would get on with this one!)

·  Louise's daughter said she would buy a million Dylan's (her brother) so that she could always have cuddles! This is extremely precious as he has autism and is very hard work. (This one is heart warming and proves money can't buy the truly important things) 

·  Jen's 11 year old said a mansion and a butler and a Lamborgini. He claims he wants the butler so he doesn't have to do anything, Jen would argue as his mum she already does everything! (A boy with high standards!)

Thank you to the mums who contributed.

Bit of a different post for me. Thought it was time for something light-hearted.

Hope it raised a smile. Try asking any kids in your life the same, I would love to hear their response’s.

Kelly x

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