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Life, Blog, Diet and Exercise Diary: Week Two

Welcome to week two of my diary series, my week as I am writing them started on Saturday 11th March 2017. If you’re not sure what this is all about then see my welcome to the diary series here.

The best version of kelly

Blogging and Life in General

Unfortunately, the first blog event I was due to go to on Thursday was postponed for three weeks. 

However, I am still going to the Derby bloggers brunch on Saturday 18th and I am really looking forward to that, if not also a tad nervous!

My social media accounts are still growing although my reach on Facebook is down. I’m not sure people realise just how much it helps when they like and or comment on my status updates. I have given up asking them too though as I don’t want to annoy people!

I guess my focus for the blog has already changed in the sense that the numbers do matter to me. I know they shouldn’t but they do! I can’t help but feel joyful when a post does well. Knowing people are reading makes it so worthwhile.

I believe the only photos taken this week were selfies when I got my hair cut, such as the one above! I also took some in a changing room of my new Primark skirt and T-shirt, the Bon Jovi one which if you read my Primark Haul you will know I am very excited about! See those pics and a ‘before’ haircut selfie later in the post.

Speaking of my new hair, I go to Nottingham to get it done to Icon Hair and Beauty in the Cornerhouse. I see Damian who is fab. People ask why I go as far as Nottingham. I guess initially it was part of my therapy and facing my fears, there are plenty to face! Firstly, it is on the top floor and there are four (I think) escalators to go up, then there is the drive to Nottingham (see my last post on that anxiety here) and the fear of going into a modern salon at all, I used to feel completely inadequate and judged in places like that, thankfully now I worry a lot less about it.

I first met Damian about two years ago, these two years have been quite a journey for me and he understands that. I guess hairdressers are easy to talk to! Those who know me will remember I had my hair cut in a bob with a fringe for years and years and years. It was my comfort haircut! Changing my hair has been part of my change in many ways. So, when I asked him this week to cut it short again he refused and said I’m not giving the new Kelly the old Kelly’s haircut. He was so right! He also said he loved my outfit and that it was the best he had ever seen me styled, thank you Damian.
My journey may already be two years in but it’s just the tip of the iceberg so stay with me to see how I progress over the next year. Maybe my hair will be pink by then!


Tuesday was a challenge anxiety wise as I have said.

After that I spent the rest of the week feeling more fatigued and a little more teary than normal. I think it’s the ‘anxiety hangover’ as I refer to it.

I also suffered with a foggy and giddy head for most of Wednesday and Thursday. It’s one of the more uncomfortable symptoms of my CFS. Although not painful it’s disorientating, affects my concentration and limits what I can do.

On Thursday I had my gym based physio, we meet for half an hour every three weeks and I learn new exercises and see how much I can manage, it’s not a solid half an hour though as we take breaks. I will do a post all about these sessions another time.

I’m still affected by the stressful situation I can’t talk about this week too. And it disrupts my sleep.

So physically not great for the latter part of the week but on the whole I have felt ok emotionally, just a few wobbles.

My CFS is so frustrating and trying to treat it is the most frustrating part of all. When I have a more difficult week I’m left thinking is it the stress and anxiety and if so how do I stop that? Alternatively, is it the diet changes or the exercise? I hope not as I am doing those to try and improve things but it’ all guess work on my part. I know on Tuesday I just felt to get through my drive home I needed a sugar hit and so succumbed to a piece of Tiffin cake, it may not help in the long run but it helped in the short term!

Primark BonJovi T-shirt and pleated skirt

For each day, I have listed my breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and cheats. Some cheats might not seem too bad, if you read my diet rules you will understand why they are cheats. You’ll notice repetition as I make everything from scratch so always try and make extra for another day.

B – Granola and yogurt (recipe here)
L – 2 hard-boiled eggs, salad and pumpkin seeds
D – Carvery (oops – we ate out and I was determined to enjoy it, I avoided pudding though)
S – none
C – The carvery and some lime cordial in a lime and soda
B – Porridge with half a banana, peanut butter and coconut oil
L – 2 hard-boiled eggs and stir fry veg
D – Ham (carved from a gammon joint we boiled), salad and new potatoes
S – None
C – The half banana (see my diet rules here)
B – 2 hard-boiled eggs
L – Cajun chicken strips, swede fries, salad and natural yogurt
D – Pork steak, grilled veg (leek, courgettes and peppers) and sweet potato wedges
S – None
C – None
B – Green Smoothie (Recipe here)
L – Cajun chicken strips with salad, pumpkin seeds, hazelnuts and natural yogurt
D – Ham (as above) with mash potatoes, broccoli, leeks and carrots
S – A slice of tiffin cake (OOOOPS)
C – The tiffin (Embarrassed face)
B – Porridge with half a banana, almond butter and coconut oil
L – Cajun chicken strips, swede fries and green beans, broccoli and courgette in a tomato sauce
D – Chicken Fajitas (the filling not the wraps, made with my own spice mix), guacamole, cheese and yogurt
S – None
C – None
B – 2 hard-boiled eggs
L – Chilli and a jacket potato
D – Steak, new potatoes and green beans, broccoli and courgette in a tomato sauce
S – Mini babybel and a handful of cashew nuts
C – The chilli wasn’t homemade (oops)
B – Porridge with half a banana, almond butter and coconut oil
L – Fajita chicken and green beans, broccoli and courgette in a tomato sauce
D – A prawn curry and a potato and chick pea curry with quinoa
S – Sweet potato wedges and hummus (recipe from Deliciously Ella) (see pic below)
C – Half a banana

Sweet potato wedges and hummus


I am following an exercise plan my friend sent me, you pick one cardio, one leg, one arm and one core exercise and do a minute of each. I decided to start with 20 seconds of each and up this by 10 more seconds each week or two. This week due to other exercising I didn’t manage any of these.
Plus, my usual mum activities of course!

Saturday – Walked around Ikea (That counts!!)
Sunday – Yoga with the kids
Monday – Rest day
Tuesday – Walked around Nottingham (mainly shops!)
Wednesday – Walked to and twice around our local park whilst the kids lapped me on their bikes
Thursday – Physio
Friday – Short walk

(I will try and start calculating the distance I walk and tell you how long it takes me)

Goals for Next Week

·         No tiffin cake type diet cheats
·         Get back to the exercise plan
·         Publish 3 blog posts
·         Enjoy my first blogging event
·         Take more pictures, especially food ones

Remember to come back for next week’s diary and subscribe to my blog by email if you enjoy my posts please.

Thank you

Kelly x

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  1. Keep it up Kelly, I discovered your blog when you posted your emotional vampire post and I've read most of your posts since (going back to the start too). I love any open, honest blogs and the fact that you are having to push yourself to be so open just makes it even better. It's lovely to read a real person and your struggles instead of the typical "Look at my life, it's so perfect, here are some shiny pictures" that you often get.


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