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Life, Blog, Diet and Exercise Diary: Week Three

Welcome to week three of my diary series, my week as I am writing them started on Saturday 18th March 2017. If you’re not sure what this is all about then see my welcome to the diary series here.
Derby Bloggers Brunch

Life and Blogging

I attended my first bloggers event on Saturday. I had a wonderful time, met some lovely bloggers and had some yummy food, see my post on the event here. I think the social side of blogging is going to be a lot of fun and very good for me.

Attending certainly helped me face fears and is very in keeping with my plans to be the best version of Kelly. I have often been an excuse maker and said no to many opportunities, especially social ones, I don’t want to do that anymore. I need to make my response more often be yes. Hence why I accepted a mad exercise based challenge, see all about that here.

This is my third blog post of the week and my 30th ever, I’m really pleased I am managing to get out three posts a week. The first this week was a recipe post, here

Sugar Free Granola Recipe

The second was me voicing on my thoughts on possible links between my physical and mental health. I shared the post in some CFS Facebook groups. Sadly, many sufferers took great offense. I understand, they have spent years facing prejudice from people who insist CFS must all in your head and not a real physical condition. I have faced those thoughts myself. Let me tell you now, I know CFS is a physical condition with very physical symptoms. I simply wrote about my feelings that, in my case, stress makes my CFS worse and possibly years of emotional strain on my body even caused me to get CFS. It’s a personal opinion based purely on my experience. I felt so sorry and sad these people had misunderstood me. They took it so badly I was banned from the group and I felt so bad I had upset people it left me in tears. 

My most exciting blogging news this week is that I was contacted by BBC Radio Leicester and asked to appear on a show next week!!!

I still can’t quite get my head around it! My first instinct was to say no way. My head ran through all these thoughts: They surely must think I’m something I’m not? I’m not good enough to be on the radio. No one will be interested in what I have to say. I’ll be too nervous and out of my depth. I’ll freeze or say something stupid or inappropriate or controversial.

Then my sister pointed out that I must say yes as saying no would go against everything my blog stands for. I couldn’t argue with that. Nor with my friend who said they wouldn’t have asked me if they didn’t think I’d be suitable and good enough.

Basically, I will feature in an hour slot with the host and another guest. We will discuss some light-hearted articles from the past week’s media. Sounds easy enough, right? I feel sick just thinking about it! I also feel excited, I can’t help it! I want to do this.
I’m not telling you the day or time though, I’m not quite that brave yet.


Prepare for TMI (too much info.) This week was that time of the month for me. (Yes, I just said that publicly.) For me it always makes my mood and CFS worse. I’ve not done too badly this week considering.

My exercise has been pretty much non-existent and mainly consisted of normal mum type activities, school runs and housework etc. Beyond that, walking locally and across Derby was as good as it got! Oops.

Diet wise, I gave myself a day off on Saturday so I could enjoy the offerings at the bloggers brunch. The problem with me is once I cheat for a day I struggle to get back on track. I did ok in that most days I still only had one cheat, they were just bad cheats. Can I acceptably blame that on my time of the month too? I think I am probably eating too many potatoes too?

What I ate:

For each day, I have listed my breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and cheats. Some cheats might not seem too bad, if you read my diet rules you will understand why they are cheats. This week mainly they are bad though! You’ll notice repetition as I make everything from scratch so always try and make extra for another day.

B – Green Smoothie (recipe here)
L – See bloggers brunch post
D – Nachos
S – None (ish) LOL
C – Everything after the smoothie!
B – Scrambled eggs, ham and tomatoes
L – Bolognaise sauce and brown rice pasta
D – Chicken, salad, sweet potato wedges, hummus and pumpkin seeds
S – Cadburys crème egg
C – I think that’s obvious!!
B – None (I never miss breakfast but just wasn’t hungry)
L – Pate on toast and salad
D – Roast chicken, potatoes, vegetables and Yorkshire pudding
S – None
C – Toast and Yorkshire pudding
B – Green Smoothie (recipe here)
L – Chicken, salad, hummus and hazelnuts
D – Cajun burger, swede and carrot mash and green beans
S – None
C – None (whoop)
B – Porridge with ½ a banana, coconut oil, almond butter and almond flakes
L – Chilli, rice and guacamole
D – A bag of crisps (don’t judge, they were being sold for charity at Brownies!)
S – None
C – The crisps
B – Green Smoothie (recipe here)
L – Chicken with a sweet potato and chickpea stew (recipe from the Deliciously Ella App)
D – Ham, eggs, salad, new potatoes and hummus
S – A Cadburys wispa
C – (Embarrassed face emoji needed here)
B – Natural yogurt and Granola (recipe here)
L – Cauliflower and brown rice with a sweet potato and chickpea stew
D – Steak, potato wedges, tomatoes and peas
S – None
C – Whiskey and Coke (So bad)

 Goals for Next Week

·         Radio show success
·         3 blog posts
·         More conventional exercise
·         Less diet cheats

Remember to come back for next week’s diary if you don’t want to miss one, then subscribe to the blog by email.

Thank you

Kelly x

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