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Life, Diet and Exercise Diary: Week One

Welcome to week one of my new diary series. If you’re not sure what this is all about then see my welcome to the series. Let’s get straight into it.

The best version of Kelly

Blog and Photography

I have had a great week blogging wise. I did my first haul which was lots of fun. I also wrote a post about my children which I love to do and I reached out to other parent bloggers for their input into that one which was great.

My social media following is growing all the time which is also great. I have less interaction and a smaller reach on Facebook than I did but I figure that is understandable as the initial novelty has worn off plus I stopped posting on my personal account and now just post on my blog page.

This week I was invited to another event and I am being sent an item to review, look out for that in a future post.

I remembered that in one of my earliest posts ‘My life through a lens’ I referred to taking some flat-lay pictures of the Just Pink set I had from Next for Christmas. I did them! I started with just the items from the set then added in some other items for interest before taking some from alternative angles. These were my favourite three:

Next Just Pink Gift Set

Next Just Pink Gift Set

Next Just Pink Gift Set


I was busier than normal last week and on Monday I did some shopping (the Primark haul). By Tuesday I was feeling I had over done it fatigue wise. So, I had a resting day. The benefit of now blogging is I can still do something constructive from the sofa or even bed and that’s great as keeping busy helps control my depression and anxiety. By Thursday I was back to a manageable level of fatigue. Sadly, I had to deal with some stress on Thursday, it currently wouldn’t be professional of me to disclose the details but it disrupted my sleep drastically on Thursday night so Friday was another challenging day. Looking tired even with make up this week!

The Best Version of Kelly


For each day, I have listed my breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and cheats. Some cheats might not seem too bad, if you read my diet rules you will understand why they are cheats. You’ll notice repetition as I make everything from scratch so always try and make extra for another day.

Friday 3rd March
B – Granola and yogurt (recipe here)
L – Squash, black bean and spinach salad (Deliciously Ella Every Day)
D – Chicken Kiev’s (Hemsley Hemsley Good and Simple), green beans and swede fries
S – Handful of mixed nuts
C – Small glass of wine

Squash, spinach and black bean salad

Saturday 4th March
B – Granola and yogurt (recipe here)
L – Squash, black bean and spinach salad
D – Bolognaise sauce (Hemsley Hemsley The Art of Eating Well) with mash potato and green beans
S – None
C – Small glass of wine

Sunday 5th March
B – Porridge with coconut oil, almond butter, flaked almonds and desiccated coconut
L – Roast beef with roast potatoes, vegetables and Yorkshire pudding
D – Cannellini bean stew (Deliciously Ella App) and brown rice.
S – A slice of cheese
C – The Yorkshire pudding

Monday 6th March
B – Green smoothie (recipe) and two boiled eggs
L – Chicken, jacket potato and salad (Eaten out – picture below)
D – Chickpea, Quinoa and Turmeric Curry (Deliciously Ella Everyday)
S – None
C – None

Jacket potato with chicken and salad

Tuesday 7th March
B – Green smoothie (recipe) and two boiled eggs
L – Cannellini bean stew (Deliciously Ella App) and brown rice
D – Steak, swede mash and broccoli
S – Handful of mixed nuts and a mini babybel
C – The mini babybel

Wednesday 8th March
B – Granola and yogurt (recipe here)
L – Mexican chicken with quinoa, mashed avocado and yogurt
D – Vegetable soup with roasted chickpeas
S – None
C – Soup was made with a stock cube

Thursday 9th March
B – Porridge with coconut oil, almond butter, flaked almonds and ½ a banana
L – Roasted chickpeas, quinoa and spinach in a tomato sauce with salad
D – Cajun burger with potato wedges, salad and mayo
S – None
C – The ½ a banana and mayo

Friday 10th March
B – Granola and yogurt (recipe here)
L – Mexican chicken, quinoa and tomatoes
D – Chorizo and mushroom omelette
S – None
C – The chorizo and a whiskey and coke (oops so bad having coke!)


I am following an exercise plan my friend sent me, you pick one cardio, one leg, one arm and one core exercise and do a minute of each. I decided to start with 20 seconds of each and will up this to 30 seconds next week. So far, I have only tried one exercise from each group so will be trying more of those next week too.

The yoga class I do is a kid’s class where the parents join in too. It’s so much fun, we love it. I often notice my lack of fitness during the class though!

I was going to list some days as ‘no exercise’ but decided rest day sounded more professional. (I hope these comments come across as tongue in cheek like intended!)

I’m fairly active anyway as most mums are, what with school runs (we walk), housework, ironing etc. I won’t list those though just the more conventional exercise, and yes shopping counts as exercise, thank you very much.  

I got my husband to take some pics of me doing some of the exercises to show you. Seriously not easy to get flattering photos and I kept laughing! I don't always bother changing into these clothes to do them, one time I didn't even take my slippers off. I'm not wearing make up in the pictures, I was going to until my 8 year old daughter said 'Mummy if you're doing a blog to show people you then why not show them how you really look?' How right could she be? I was very proud of that comment and want her to keep that outlook so no make up. I just typed, excuse the lack of make up but deleted it because it's dumb I feel the need to excuse that at all! 

Anyway back to exercise diary:

Friday 3rd March – Rest day

Saturday 4th March – Walk twice around the local path (I will try and calculate the distance for next time!)

Sunday 5th March – Yoga class with the kids and 20 seconds of squats, leg raises, press ups (on knees) and knee raises

Press up on knees

Press up on knees

Leg raises


Monday 6th March – Shopping (it counts!)

Tuesday 7th March – Rest day

Wednesday 8th March - 20 seconds of squats, leg raises, press ups (on knees) and knee raises

Thursday 9th March - 20 seconds of squats, leg raises, press ups (on knees) and knee raises

Goals for Next Week

·         Less diet cheats
·         More exercise and vary types
·         Less stress and better sleep
·         Publish 3 blog posts
·         Enjoy my first blogging event and try not to get to anxious beforehand


No life updates as it’s been a fairly run of the mill week and I have been at home a lot. I am pleased with my progress with my healthy eating and exercise, I feel it has been a good start. My fatigue has been worse than normal on at least three days this week which is disappointing but I think to be expected initially. My anxiety and depression have been generally manageable. I have enjoyed working on the blog this week.

Laughing press up

Laughing squat

Remember to come back for next week’s diary and there should be at least two further posts next week too. If you don’t want to miss one, then subscribe to the blog by email.

Thank you

Kelly x

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