Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Primark Haul

This week I visited Primark and picked up a few items I’m loving. I’ve often visited Primark for bits for the kids but rarely for myself. I was pleasantly surprised when going around the women’s section just how great the clothes are. Then there is the homeware, they are doing great with that. They do make-up and beauty stuff now too, how did I not know this? I could have bought so much! I was very good though and stuck to a few bits. Read on for what I bought and what I wish I had bought!

Primark Haul The Best Version of Kelly

Some of my readers are new to blogging so let me first explain what a haul is! It’s basically a shopping spree. You’ll find them in blogs and on YouTube and they cover a variety of shops and products. My favourites are clothes hauls and homeware hauls. Mine today is a Primark haul.

So now for the fun bit, what did I buy! I got off to a fantastic start. I needed a pyjama top to match a pair of trousers I already have. I wanted a long sleeve one as I hate to be cold in bed. Whilst browsing a sale rail I found this one for £1. Yes, you read that right, £1. 

Primark Pink Butterfly Pyjama Top The Best Version of Kelly

Love to Lounge, Primark Label The Best Version of Kelly

Primark Butterfly Pyjama Top

Primark is great for stocking up on basics so I got a pair of tights, they are black and have a sweet pattern through them. I also got some footie socks (the ones that remain hidden in your shoes.) They are black and are designed for sport so are breathable. Good for the walks I intend to start going on. The tights were £3 and the socks £3.50 for 5 pairs, bargain.

Primark Black Heart Tights

Primark Black Heart Tights

Primark Sport Footie Socks Black

I then discovered the beauty section. I found some exfoliator gloves and was excited as I’ve wanted to try them for a while but didn’t want to spend too much. These were 4 gloves for just £1. Bit of an aside but when using exfoliator gloves do you wear just one or a pair? I’d have thought one would be sufficient?

Primark Exfoliating Gloves

Anyway, back to beauty, I also picked up a bottle of face primer spray. I love face sprays and I also thought this would be good for wetting my beauty blender before applying foundation, at only £2 I can justify using that way!

Primark Primer Water

Then it was up to homeware, I could have bought so much. I was very restrained and settled for a throw and a candle. The throw is so lovely and soft and will be perfect thrown over the back of my sofa for when I’m feeling cold as I often do. I know my children will love snuggling under it too. At only £4 it was wonderful value and they do them in an array of different colours.

Primark Throw

The candle I have had before and I loved it. They do a variety of scents, this one is vanilla. A personal favourite scent of mine. The last one I had burnt well and completely evenly which for a cheap candle is amazing. So many candles I have that are more expensive ‘tunnel’ and you waste so much of it. So, at only £2 I highly recommend these.

Primark Madagascan Vanilla Candle

So, those were all my purchases. Now for the stuff I wish I had bought!

First up was a pair of ripped skinny jeans. Sadly, they didn’t have my size available. They were perfect. They were ripped but had a square of material sown in behind each rip so you don’t actually show any skin. I love the ripped jean look but don’t want to have my knees hanging out so this is the perfect solution. I found a picture of them for you. I will be trying to get them soon.

Primark Skinny Ripped Jeans

I am bad at spontaneous clothes shopping, BAD. I just can’t do it! I must want it, need it, try it, think about it, check everywhere else for a better one etc etc. The problem with this approach is you often then get shopper’s regret. I have that now about a certain t-shirt I saw and I am praying they will still have it when I go back. It was a band t-shirt, another trend I currently like. The problem with me and this trend is that I feel I should like the band and be familiar with their music, otherwise I feel a fraud! As my music taste is rather, shall we say pop based, that makes finding an acceptably cool band t-shirt rather tricky. Primark have a Bon Jovi one. I love Bon Jovi, I have albums and everything! It was perfect so why didn’t I buy it?! I’m an idiot is why and I’m too damn sensible. Pray for me it’s there when I go back! I couldn’t find a picture of it but hopefully you’ll see me in it!

Thank you for reading. Get yourself to Primark soon.

By the way this isn’t sponsored and I bought everything myself, obviously.

Kelly x

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