Thursday, 2 March 2017

Second Month of Blogging: The good, the bad and the ugly!

On Tuesday, my blog was two months old. Can you believe that?!! I’m still trying to work out where January went and now February has gone too.

So how has this month gone? There have been highs and lows.

The Best Version of Kelly
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The Highs

For a start, I’m still here and still enjoying blogging so much. I’ve continued to receive lovely and supportive comments and messages from people who enjoy my blog, who relate to it and who feel reassured by it, all of which is wonderful.

One of my cousins messaged me recently to say she had managed to go and have lunch in a pub on her own, this was a big deal to her. She chose to message me as facing up to her fear had reminded her of me. I was so incredibly proud of her and so pleased she shared her news with me. The fact she thought of me whilst facing her fear was wonderful. I hope through writing this blog that both people I know and those I don’t can come together and we can face our fears collectively and share those experiences.

Another high of this month was getting my first two invites to blogger events. The first is a bloggers brunch in Derby and the second is the press launch for a new menu at a bar in Leicester. To say I’m excited is an understatement. Being able to meet other local bloggers is going to be wonderful. Some have already reached out to me on social media and they are so great and so supportive.

My Green Smoothie The Best Version of Kelly

Social media has been good for me this month too and I hit 1000 followers on twitter.

On the blog, I have now had 1400 unique visitors. This is mind blowing, to think 1400 different people each decided to read one or more of my posts!

The Lows

Maybe a bit harsh, the not so highs I should say. In January I published 11 blog posts. In February I only managed 7. I’m disappointed as I lost my momentum and I have struggled to regain it. My whole family came down with a sickness bug one after the other and then it was half term so my normal routine was thrown into chaos!

Because of posting less my page views have dropped compared to January however my views per post have still increased.

A Cuddle From My Daughter The Best Version of Kelly

A low from a personal perspective is that I’m not doing well at making the changes in life I hoped the blog would motivate me to make. I think it is because I am not posting about those changes. It’s hard as there is so much I want to post about! The serious and hopefully helpful and insightful aspects of my life are something it’s important for me to share. I also want to be able to create content that is for fun for me to produce such as my fashion posts. I think it is important I start to fit in weekly updates too as that should keep me on better track with my diet and fitness changes. My intention is to write a few lines each day and publish them as one post once a week. It’s what I should have done all along. My fear is boring people! But the response so far is good and people can cherry pick the posts that appeal to them most if they don’t want to read everything.

The Ugly

Now for the ugly, the pitfall for all bloggers, the curse of comparison. I’ve always said I was doing this blog for personal gain and that the stats didn’t worry me, I still stand by that. However, it is hard not to take note when others mention their stats. Like today I saw a blogger who only started 3 weeks ago, had 500 likes on her Facebook page, I started two months ago, and only have 62. I know it shouldn’t matter as I’m not in this for popularity but I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t feel a pang of doubt.

Walking Away The Best Version of Kelly

OK so speaking of ugly let’s score my efforts for the month.

Healthy Eating: 5/10 – like last month and really must do more.
Exercise – 3/10 – Appalling effort (Sorry Jema) I bought fitness clothes yesterday though!!
Facing Fears – 7/10 – not so many to face this month.
Relaxation/Tackling Stress – 2/10 – It’s been a stressful month.

Next month will be better!!

Thank you 

Kelly x

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  1. Great read Kelly, and wow restaurant meal invites that's great you lucky lady x

  2. I think for 2 month blogging you have achieved a lot! :) In pageviews and facebook likes :). It is sometimes hard to keep going when the results come kind of slow (I feel like that) but very happy to hear there are some new bloggers who keep going and enjoy the process! :)
    P.S. I never get that too how people in 2 weeks organically can grow a huge following. ;) It doesn't adds up.
    All the best of luck,

  3. Congrats Kelly!! My blog is two months as well, and I can totally relate especially with comparisons. However, I'm happy that you are celebrating this milestone.

    Congrats again!


  4. Aww well done lovely! It sounds like you are getting on really well. I think you've created a lovely blog and have some great content so the rest will follow over time. I know its hard not to compare ourselves, but we all do it from time to time. Blogging is definitely a slow burner so enjoy the journey and before you know it, you'll be pretty proud and impressed with how far youve got :-) Emily

  5. I think you're doing incredibly well! My blog is just over a year old & (and while I admit I was far from posting 11 times in a month) the growth has been painfully slow. I'm far from a 1,000 Twitter followers, but what you already know, we're doing this for ourselves & should not obsess over numbers (even though it's nice knowing someone apart from your family reads your ramblings šŸ˜‰).

    Even if your views drop, they'll pick up again and people who enjoy your writing style will keep coming back. And one thing I learnt the hard way is, your health and well-being should always come first even when that means 7 posts instead of 11.

    Keep up the amazing work you've done so far!

    Maya |

  6. I only started my blog this week - I can't imagine getting 1000 followers on twitter or having 1400 people read my posts. It sounds like you are doing amazingly - I hope you are enjoying it

  7. Hello! I can definitely relate to your post. My blog is only days old---exactly 5 days. I'm not active on Twitter nor posting anything there. However, I had more than 600 visitors already. Your blog inspires me.

    Stay motivated and keep writing!



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