Sunday, 19 March 2017

The Derby Bloggers Brunch 2017 At Oliver's

Yesterday I attended my first bloggers event. The Derby bloggers brunch which was arranged by Monet Brooks and held at Oliver’s on Friar Gate in Derby. I loved it, great food, great venue and best of all great company. Let me tell you more.

Derby Bloggers Brunch

As it was my first event I had no idea what to expect. However, this is the year to tackle my anxiety head on so I wasn’t going to let that stop me.

The first anxiety, what to wear obviously. Typically, I forgot to take a photo of me in it so here is one of the clothes themselves!

Bon Jovi T-shirt, Next leather jacket, zara jeans

The second was the drive to Derby, 27 miles, half an hour and 3 junctions of the M1, not a great prospect for me as you’ll have seen in my last anxiety post here. I decided to use the park and ride as it saved me driving into the city. I don’t know Derby well and it’s changed a lot since I had reason to visit regularly so I was on a bus not knowing where it stopped, or where was best to get off even if I did, going to a cafe that was located, I don’t know where. The first clue came when the driver stopped at the bus station and called back to me that this was the only stop. I searched the cafe on google maps, praise the IT gods for google maps! Not the easiest to follow when walking but good enough and I found my way and even had time for a cheeky look around Primark.

Then to walk in! I didn’t let myself hesitate I just went for it. I told the waitress I was here for the bloggers event and she pointed me to the table and I was greeted by smiles. I recognised Monet and introduced myself, sorry I pronounced your name wrong and probably will if we meet again. Monet was lovely as were the other six local bloggers (links below) who were also there. With introductions out of the way my nerves eased. I felt a little old as I was at least 10, maybe even 12, years older than everyone else but they soon helped me forget that. We were from all over the East Midlands rather than just Derby which was nice and again meant I didn’t feel the odd one out.

Derby Bloggers Brunch

Lisa, the owner of Oliver’s then ran us through what to expect from the event. First was a chance to try a cocktail from The Rested CocktailCompany. Johnathan, a co-owner with his best friend, talked us through the company’s story and described their three cocktails to us and we got to choose one to try. I had to choose the rum one, my favourite cocktail ingredient. It was mixed with soda to make it into a long drink, but could be drank alone. It did not disappoint. They rest the cocktails for 30 days which gives them their mellow flavour, you can then serve them straight or mix with fruit juice or soda to create additional cocktails. I can see certainly why they have won awards.
The Rested Cocktail Company
The Rested Cocktail Company

The Rested Cocktail Company

The Rested Cocktail Company

The Rested Cocktail Company

The Rested Cocktail Co

Then we moved onto the menu Oliver’s had selected for us. Each dish was something they are considering adding to their menu and we were to be their guinea pigs. For those who regularly read my blog you know I’m currently following a healthy eating plan, for today I thought it was fair and professional to forget that and enjoy every moment of the lovely food on offer.

We started with our PBJ, a peanut butter and jelly milkshake. It was lush, I definitely have to attempt to make one of these at home and they definitely have to add it to their menu! I took pictures and enjoyed being with other people who were doing the same thing and understood. Just a shame I had to use my phone as I forgot my camera, blogging fail!

PBJ Peanut butter and jelly smoothie Olivers Derby

Then it was the smoked salmon dish. Sorry Oliver’s I wasn’t best placed to rate this as I don’t eat salmon. The roast potatoes and egg were yummy as was the sauce, to my surprise.

Smoked Salmon and Fried Egg

Then onto my favourite dish, I knew it would be even before they brought it out. The coconut pancake with rum roasted pineapple and vanilla ice cream. This was divine, especially the pineapple which went beautifully with my rum cocktail. It was 12.15 by this time and perfectly acceptable.

Coconut Pancake

We were then given a well needed break which gave us time to relax and chat and of course take more pictures. I even took some in the toilet, I couldn’t not, it was so pretty and smelt lovely thanks to the candle they were burning in there. I particularly liked the picture of two boys with toilet rolls, I may have to recreate this with my two to go on the wall of our toilet. The whole cafe is well decorated and cosy, they have the balance of modern and cosy just perfect. Very Instagram friendly and very welcoming and intimate too. 

Back to the food. Round two started with black pudding with roast potatoes and apple sauce. I had never tried black pudding, after not eating the salmon I felt I really had to! It was better than expected but I didn’t manage to finish it, it’s just one of those foods where mind over matter makes it a struggle to enjoy. The potatoes and sauce were lovely though.

We finished with sweet french toast with maple roasted apples and mascarpone. This too was divine although for me the winning dish was the rum roasted pineapple and coconut pancake.

We were then given a chance to enjoy a cuppa whilst we filled in our feedback forms.

Then just as I was about to burst they brought some mini cakes out! I just couldn’t manage those so Lisa kindly boxed some up for me and even gave me an extra box for the kids, which they were ecstatic about. Lisa, they gave them 10/10!

All in all, it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. I would highly recommend both Oliver’s and The Rested Cocktail Company. If you're in Derby try Oliver's, especially if you love cake. I would also recommend blogging events to any new bloggers. I can’t wait to attend more. I of course have n basis for comparison but I found this one so welcoming and so well organised, the staff at Oliver's genuinely enjoyed us being there and made us feel very special. Thank you to them and Monet.

Thank you for reading.

Kelly x

The bloggers I met were: Monet, Emmie, Gemma, Jess, Jay, Sarah and Ellie

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  1. It's always hard going to your first event but I'm so glad you pushed yourself and enjoyed it. I try to remember that most of the people there feel the same and as soon as everyone meets and gets chatting the anxiety begins to melt away. Look forward to meeting you at one of our local ones Kelly.

  2. Great post Kelly, I love it and would never have guessed the photos were taken on your phone! It was so lovely to meet you and you did so well considering it was your first event, I know it can be so nerve-wracking! Hopefully see you soon! :)

    Gemma x
    The Gem Agenda

  3. What a lovely post! I'm so glad you battled your anxiety and came along as it was great to have you there 😊 Hope to see you again soon.
    Monet //


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