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Welcome To My Weekly Diary Series

Hi All. If you read my early blogs like ‘welcome to my blog’ and ‘why I’m writing a blog’ you will know that a big part of my reason I’m doing this is to motivate me to stay on track with my goals for this year. My goals are the basis of my journey to be the best version of Kelly and I figured that logging my progress here would make me feel more accountable and keep me on track.

The best version of kelly

I have many aims for this year. The first ones I’m tackling are writing my blog, practising my photography, eating healthily and starting to exercise. The hope is these changes will improve my health, I suffer with chronic fatigue (CFS), depression and anxiety.
If you’ve also read my posts named ‘my life through a lens’, ‘my healthy eating journey’ and ‘my exercise history’ you will understand my starting point and why this is such a challenge!

So far, I have updated you on my progress monthly, see the first month and second month. It just hasn’t been enough of a motivator so I am now starting weekly updates.

For the past week, I have kept a diet and exercise diary. Writing it all down and knowing it was going into a post has really motivated me to try harder.

Exercise - The best version of kelly

The plan is to then to share the details of my exercise and diet with you. I will tell you where I get my recipes from or if they are my own recipes I will write and/or link a blog post. I will tell you which types of exercise I attempt and for how long. This is real beginners level stuff which is so hard to find on the internet so I hope it helps people who find themselves in a similar position to me.

I will add blogging updates too including my stats, any achievements and any photos I am proud of or have enjoyed taking. In addition, I will talk about my health that week and add any other personal highs or lows.

I hope this proves of interest and enjoyment to you all, getting regular readers who follow my journey will be a wonderful motivator.

Cajun Chicken and salad

I’m going to have to get better at remembering to photograph my food before wolfing it down!

Let me explain the diet changes I have made:

This diet isn’t about weight loss it is about improving my health. I have known for years that diet can benefit mental health sufferers yet somehow that wasn’t enough of a motivator for me yet now with the added challenge of CFS I feel I must try these changes for my sake and for my children.

Deliciously Ella Butter Beans in Pesto

Over the past few years I have read many healthy eating books, watched food documentaries, read other people’s stories and even tried the Candida diet. Through this I have come up with my own 5 rules I will apply to my diet. I will occasionally cheat (I’m only human) but overall, these are the rules I will follow. They are:

1. Avoid refined sugar. For the first month, I am also cutting out natural sweeteners including fruit and honey etc. I occasionally use Stevia, a natural sweetener which has a negligible effect on blood glucose unlike almost all other sweeteners.

2. Avoid gluten.

3. Limit dairy. At home I use almond milk and never have cow’s milk but I do occasionally have it when I am out. I also eat plain natural yogurt as I find the probiotic properties beneficial to gut health. I try not to eat cheese but occasionally succumb! At least cheese meets rules 1 and 2!

4. Avoid processed foods.

5. Avoid alcohol and caffeine.

I say avoid rather than ‘don’t have’ as I think it is more realistic and whilst I hope to find these changes beneficial I am not intolerant to any of these foods.

Exercise wise I am doing gym based physio at the hospital once every 2-3 weeks which is helping me find my limits and teaching me suitable exercises to try. I also hope to walk more now the weather has improved (pray I didn’t tempt fate there.) I’m wary to push too hard as whilst many experts feel exercise is beneficial to CFS sufferers, there are other experts who feel it can worsen symptoms. So I have been doing very short bursts of different types of exercises (very short) and I will detail these in the diaries.

Exercise - The best version of kelly

I’m excited to do this as I know it will keep me on track and be a great record of my journey to be the best version of Kelly.

I will post the first week’s diary shortly. Now live here.

I hope you enjoy them.

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Kelly x

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