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5th Weekly Diary Including CFS lows, Blogging Highs, Diet and Exercising

Welcome to week five of my diary series.

The Best Version Of Kelly

I’m a bit late getting the diary post out this week. My diaries so far have run from Saturday until Friday. I’m going to move that forward a couple of days to make it Monday to Sunday as it’s so much more logical. This one therefore goes from Saturday 1st April until yesterday, the 9th April.

I’m still not completely happy with these diaries. I know I want to share a dairy and I think weekly is the best frequency, it’s just the content and layout I think could be improved. Stick with me whilst I try out a few things. Any feedback please let me know, in the comments here or on my social media. 


Let’s talk blog. I am still loving it, starting this blog is one of the best things I have ever done. I only got two posts out this week and my page views are down on both the posts and overall for the week but that’s cool, the two previous weeks were particularly successful and it was always going to be hard to maintain that. My figures are still higher than I ever would have dreamt!

I went to two blogging events this week. I am absolutely loving the events. It’s wonderful to experience new venues and meet new people. People in the blogging world are so lovely.

The Best Version Of Kelly at Broood Bar Leicester

The first event was the menu launch of a bar in the city centre of Leicester. The bar was Broood@VinQuatre. It has two entrances, one on King Street and the other on New Walk. In the 90’s the bar on this site was the most profitable bar per square foot in the UK. It has a history as a real ale pub and still specialises in that today. (Yes, Dad I’ll take you there next time you’re in Leicester.)

Food wise the bar specialises in chicken. We were able to try a selection of mini versions of dishes from the menu. They were all either chicken or vegetarian. I’m afraid I didn’t get any pictures, the way it was served made that difficult. My husband came with me and we both enjoyed all the food we tried. Dishes included chicken kebabs, spicy chicken burgers and vegan burgers. My favourite of the lot was the stilton rarebit, it was amazing and I can see me going back for this one.

The second event was a cocktail masterclass over in Nottingham. I am going to dedicate a post to this one as it was such fun and I want to let you all know about the Cocktail festivals that the guy who took our masterclass runs across the country.

Nottingham Loves Cocktails Festival

Blogger events suit me perfectly as they seem to all start at 6 o’clock and are usually done by 8. Sadly, nowadays that’s my idea of a great night out!


Sunday was my husband’s birthday. The kids were up at 6.30 and were more excited than him about the card and present opening! We took the kids to their grandparent’s house for a few hours and Ross and I grabbed a few hours in town for shopping and food, see my review of our meal here. Then it was back to see the kids and have cake. Plus, more than one candle blowing out session, kids don’t let you blow them out only once!

Happy Birthday Daddy

Other than that it’s mainly been the blog stuff that’s filled this week. I found a great spot to take blog pics, see the picture at the top of this post, you'll be seeing more of those soon!

Oh and as a One Direction and Harry Styles fan (yes I wrote that and my fear of judgement slightly kicked in but not much!) Friday was an exciting day! If you haven't already heard Harry's new song, sign of the times, then make sure you do, it's amazing and I'm certain even non fans will agree, please trust me. 

Plus of course we enjoyed the sunshine this weekend, going to the park on Saturday and having a barbecue Sunday.

Football In The Park Marina Drive Groby

Shadow Family


The week started off well. I had a few good days CFS wise and managed to be more active than normal, even managing the two evenings out. On those days, I rested more during the daytime to compensate and I thought had it sussed.

Sadly, by this weekend I was suffering. Especially by Sunday when I had little energy at all and slept till 8.30am, had two further naps of an hour each and still slept ten hours that night. Thank god, I have an understanding husband who happily steps in with the children.

Of course, the frustration and disappointment that is caused by my symptoms flaring up again also causes my mood to be low.


As I mentioned in my first post this week, I am currently very frustrated and disheartened with healthy eating. I gave myself a break for my husband’s birthday and the two blogger events. On the whole I am doing ok. My plan for now is simply to avoid processed foods and limit my intake of refined sugar. I think that is more realistic.

In fairness compared to two years ago I eat extremely well. I was a real classic British eater and a sugar monster. My day usually consisted of cereal for breakfast (my favourite was Crunchy Nut Cornflakes.) A white bread sandwich for lunch with crisps, cake, maybe a yogurt and if I was feeling healthy a piece of fruit. Dinner would be something like pasta (jar of sauce), Shepard’s pie (think Colemans type packet for flavour), shop bought Kiev’s or a microwave curry. We did cook but not daily and we took shortcuts. I generally snacked on biscuits and chocolate. Drink wise it was tea or lemon squash. I drank so much lemon squash!

Healthy Eating Books

Nowadays is different. I haven’t had cereal or squash in over a year. I don’t take shortcuts with cooking either and so packet mixes and jars are a thing of the past. I rarely have bread and if I do it’s wholemeal. I aim for at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day and almost always manage it, sometimes I even exceed it.

So, you see even when I ‘relax’ my plan I am still so much healthier than I ever was before.


I had my gym based physio this week and also did quite a bit of walking. (Quite a bit by my standards.) If I go out specifically for a walk it will normally be about one and a half miles. 

Remember to come back for next week’s diary and there should be at least two further posts. If you don’t want to miss one, then subscribe to the blog by email.

Thank you for reading.

Kelly x

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  1. Just found your blog and it's so lovely! I just read your article on CFS and whether is a mental health issue and I feel that doctors are so quick to force 'mental illness' in to the psychologist/thoughts category, when there is such a huge biological side; my doctor is currently trying to get me to go to group therapy for my fatigue wahhh >< I developed CFS after having my son and I think things like depression, hypersomnia, epilepsy and CFS are all linked, I am on Sertraline and that helps my intensely ill, sicky feelings but I am about to try Lamotrigine alongside for my hypersomnia and fatigue, even though it is an epilepsy drug :D I feel so sad that so little is known about ME/CFS and even though my symptoms are entirely physical, just like having flu, my doctor is trying to pass them off as something psychological, that can be cured with CBT >< I just want them to recognise how complex the brain is, that my illness is very physical and biologically based, that faults with the brain can make you feel insanely ill :( sorry for my essay haha, your snaps are so darling, I love your outfit! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)


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