Saturday, 22 April 2017

A Cocktail Masterclass

A couple of weeks ago I was invited over to Nottingham with 11 other bloggers for a cocktail masterclass. I certainly didn't have to spend long deciding whether to go or not! 

We got to spend two hours sat on the terrace of Nottingham bar Brass Monkey in the sun drinking cocktails and chatting with Nick Fox, a cocktail expert who launched the Loves Cocktails festival in Leeds in 2013.

Nottingham Loves Cocktails

Nick's passion to bring cocktail festivals to the north of England has been so successful. This year he is holding festivals throughout the summer in Nottingham, Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool. 

Nottingham Loves Cocktails

Nick talked us through the festival's history and his plans for this year's events. He also told us all he knows about cocktails. Well much of what he knows, to hear it all would take forever as what this guy doesn't know about cocktails isn't worth knowing!

Nottingham Loves Cocktails

We got to sample a selection of cocktails throughout the evening. I'm afraid I don't remember too many details of what they were! I know we had a gin based one, a tequila based one and I think a rum based one? They all had herbs in to add flavour which worked amazingly well. These were very sophisticated and modern cocktails. Gone are the days of the tacky eighties cocktails (not that I was old enough to drink them, I just about remember them though!) 

Nottingham Loves Cocktails

The festival in Nottingham runs for seven days from Monday 24th April. It includes around thirty events across sixteen venues. You a buy a wristband and this will entitle you to a selection of £5 cocktails throughout the festival.

Nottingham Loves Cocktails

There are some fantastic sounding events. I think the opening party on Monday, the Nottingham Hill Carnival event on Friday and the Southern Comfort Tasting on Thursday would be my picks. 

Nottingham Loves Cocktails

I predict this festival is going to be huge and become a yearly event in the city. I also am certain the festivals will expand to more cities and even countries. Nick is so passionate about bringing cocktails to people and teaching them to enjoy better quality drinks. I could have happily listened to him talking about his vision for many more hours. 

Nottingham Loves Cocktails

As you can see from the picture below we all enjoyed our cocktails!

Nottingham Loves Cocktails

If you live in the Midlands then I highly recommend you get yourself to at least one of the events next week. If you can't make to the Nottingham festival then aim for one of the other cities. Find all the information on the Love Cocktails website here.

Thank you to Nick for giving us such a fun masterclass.

Thank you for reading.

Kelly x

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