Thursday, 6 April 2017

Bistrot Pierre Review

On Sunday, it was my husband Ross’s birthday and we had an opportunity to have lunch out so we booked into one of our favourite Leicester restaurants, Bistrot Pierre. The chain started in the East Midlands and now has locations all over the UK.

Bistrot Pierre Leicester

We have been frequenting this restaurant for many years. We have visited in the evening however we prefer to go for lunch. The set lunch menu is always fantastic. You get a good variety of dishes and it is very good value.

The Leicester bistro is situated on Millstone Lane, a short walk from local shopping areas. I love the decor, very French and chic.

Bistrot Pierre Leicester

The staff have always been friendly and helpful whenever we have eaten there.

We always opt for three courses, we know we will be full by the end but we can’t resist as we always enjoy each course so much.

Bistrot Pierre Leicester

On Sunday I started with the Brioche et champignons, which to you and I is toasted brioche with a fricassée of mushrooms, you can have this with or without Alsace bacon, I went for it with. It was delicious. The mushrooms are cooked perfectly and the sauce seeps into the brioche giving it a lovely texture, the bacon adds a lovely contrast.

Bistrot Pierre Leicester

Ross had Ravioli au fromage, Ricotta and basil ravioli dressed in olive oil and shavings of Le Saint Mont des Alpes cheese. He was very happy with his choice.

Bistrot Pierre Leicester

For main I was struggling to pick as so many of the dishes tempted me. In the end, I went with the Tarte aux légumes et Gruyére, warm tartlet of butternut squash, spinach, Gruyere cheese, dressed watercress and chive beurre blanc. I love dishes like this. I am often happy to go for a vegetarian main. You get to choose your side from potatoes and vegetables, salad or fries (pommes frites.) I went for the fries.

Bistrot Pierre Leicester

Bistrot Pierre Leicester

The tartlet was served in a sauce which isn’t something you would expect however it went brilliantly with it and made the dish very enjoyable. The fries were lovely, you just get so many of them that I couldn’t finish them all. My only criticism of this dish was that the tartlet didn’t contain enough butternut squash.

Ross chose the Médaillons de porc, slow-cooked marinated medallions of pork with a honey mustard glaze, Morteau sausage, caramelised apples and Dijon beurre blanc. Ross is normally loyal to the beef bourguignon but decided it was time for a change. He ordered the potatoes and vegetables as his side. The potatoes came thinly sliced in a sauce, like dauphinoise, Ross loved them. He enjoyed the pork and the sauce. His only criticism was that the dish started to taste a bit too sweet as he went on. He will probably go back to his bourguignon next time.

Bistrot Pierre Leicester

We really didn’t need a desert and probably should have shared one but we can never resist! We both ordered the chocolate torte with vanilla ice cream. It seemed the lighter option and I can never say no to chocolate. It was wonderful, a perfect consistency and rich without being too much.

Bistrot Pierre Leicester

We will definitely be returning. Bistrot Pierre do special set menus on several week nights, I always enjoy reading the upcoming menus but have never made it along to one of the evenings so may aim to try that another time.

See the Bistrot Pierre website here. Find one of their restaurants near you!

Please note this post is not sponsored and we paid our bill. I simply wish to share my love of this restaurant with you all.

Thank you for reading.

Kelly x

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  1. Love bistrot Pierre. I also enjoy just reading the menu. Mouthwatering. I've never had a bad meal. Xx


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