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Kelly’s Diary Week 6 - Including Blogging Fun, School Holiday Fears and the Queen

Welcome to week six of my diary series, starting Monday 10th April 2017.

I’ve had only positive feedback on these diaries so far so hopefully that means you’re all enjoying them. I will still aim to improve them each week. 

For a start, I currently write this from memory, making notes during the week would probably be a better idea! I also need to learn how to edit my pictures (insert laughing emoji!)

The Best Version Of Kelly


Let’s talk blog.

Let’s get the negative out of the way quickly, I only managed two posts during this week and last and my weekly page views have halved compared to the two weeks before them. I haven’t tweeted as much to promote it this week though so I know that will have impacted. Plus, as I always say, I am over the moon with my stats anyway!

I went to two more blogging events this week. I can’t believe how many I have been invited to! I am starting to see the same faces at some of them now and it’s so lovely getting to know everyone. I feel so lucky!
The first event was the menu launch of a restaurant in the city centre of Leicester. It’s a Mexican restaurant called Bodega and it was amazing!

Bodega Leicester - Nachos

The second event was organised by the skincare brand Kiehl’s and this too was so much fun. It was my first beauty event and I was disappointed to learn we don’t get many beauty events in Leicester. I loved it and will be doing a post on this one too.

Kiehl's Blogger Event Leicester

I have so many posts to write and no time to write them!! The school holidays aren’t helping the cause!

I am also currently running my first blog giveaway in conjunction with a brand, this is also very exciting, see the details here. I haven’t had many entries yet and there are 3 prizes up for grabs so take a chance!


As I said this week has been the school holidays and I am off work so I have had plenty of time with my two munchkins, Annie 8 and Freddie 5.  If I am honest I sometimes I find the prospect of the school holidays daunting, I worry they will be bored and end up grumpy! I needn’t have worried, we had a wonderful week.

We went to soft play, the cinema, the park, into town to see the Queen and to a fun fair. We also did artwork at home and got into the garden, briefly!

Waiting for the Queen in Leicester

They got on with each other almost all week and even helped me around the house! (I only slightly blackmailed them.) The promise of screen time generally does the trick.

Seeing the Queen was fun, she was in Leicester for the Maundy Thursday service. I haven’t seen her in real life before and so I didn’t mind at all when Annie asked to go. We waited for over an hour and a half, the kids were very good, they only moaned a little and only for the last half an hour so I can’t knock them for that. We knew she would be driven past so it would be brief however I was slightly disappointed by just how quickly they went by considering how many people were waiting and how long we had waited for. We were lucky though to have a good view and I got a picture on my phone.

I often wonder about life now and if we all miss out on the special moments whilst trying to capture them on our phones. I knew I had to choose between seeing the Queen through my eyes or my phone screen! I worried I would regret choosing my phone but as fate would have it I captured a lovely photo you can see both the Queen and Prince Phillip and better still you can see Annie and Freddie’s faces in the reflection of the Queen’s car. I couldn’t have planned it! Best of all is seeing the smile of joy on Annie’s face, that I almost certainly would have missed if I had been looking at the Queen rather than taking the picture. So, on this occasion I made the right choice.

I’ve not shared the picture as I am currently not sharing pictures of the kid’s faces on the blog. They both say they are happy for me to do so if I change my mind though so we shall see.


With all the school holiday fun and the two blog events I was struggling with my CFS by the weekend again. It seems to be a pattern currently and not one that impresses my husband, which I understand. I just sadly can’t manage it all. I am just grateful that I got through the week. Helped by my lovely in laws giving me a break on Wednesday when they took the kids for the day.

I have been anxious at times. My depression is still under control though. I would like to think about trying to come off my medication soon.


Who can eat healthily in the school holidays?! Especially the Easter ones?!



My energy all went on the time with the kids and that is the most fun exercise for me.

Family Shadows

Remember to come back for next week’s diary and there should be at least two further posts. If you don’t want to miss one, then subscribe to the blog by email.

Thank you

Kelly x

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  1. I loved this post, sounds like you had a lovely time! x

  2. So great you managed to find the energy to give the little ones some quality time it can be so exhausting but you did it, be proud of yourself. Don't be in too much of a rush to get off the anti depressants especially if you are still feeling anxious at times, I have made that mistake too many times and have learned to accept that I need to be on them for as long as it takes, I hate taking medication but sometimes I think it necessary especially when we are living with chronic illnesses. take care Kelly and keep up the good work, you doing great xx


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