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Week 4 Diary Plus 3 Months of Blogging Update and Stats

Welcome to week four of my diary series, my week as I am writing them started on Saturday 25th March 2017. If you’re not sure what this is all about then see my welcome to the diary series here.

Life and Blogging

Well what a week it has been! My best blogging week so far. First I was on BBC radio!!!! If you haven’t read about that already you will find it here.

My posts have been popular at my stats have been heading up which is great. This is my third post this week, the first was my radio one and the second was a follow on to my CFS post that caused much controversy last week, see this week’s here.

The Best Version of Kelly

I also went to another event. This time it was the relaunch of Leicester music venue The Shed. I got to take my husband along too. Perfect night out for me as it started at 6 so we got home for 9. The venue looked great. We got to see the venue ahead of the official launch, got to enjoy some lovely canapes and the free prosecco and beer were flowing nicely. I could get used to VIP parties. The music we heard came from local alternative rock band Timmas. We really enjoyed their set. Check out their twitter page here.

The Shed Leicester

Timmas Band at the Shed Leicester
The Shed Leicester

The Shed Leicester

The Shed Leicester

We spoke to the venues operations manager Dan and found out more about the relaunch. We also ran into Emmie who I met at the Derby bloggers brunch and I got to meet two other local bloggers I had chatted with online prior to the event, Steph and Selina. Not forgetting the lovely Gabby from Cool As Leicester who kindly invited us.

The Shed Leicester

The Shed Leicester

The Shed Leicester

The Shed Leicester

The Shed Leicester

The Shed Leicester

Beyond the blog, I had a lovely Mother’s Day on Sunday. I was spoilt with 5 cards, 2 bought and 3 homemade plus a shop bought mug, a homemade mug, a homemade plant pot complete with a new plant plus lots of pictures. I also got breakfast in bed.

The Best Version of Kelly


Anxiety wise I am so proud of myself. The progress I have made since my CBT has been great. Going on the radio proved that. I still have bad days but they are much farther between and there are less triggers.

My Depression is also under control for the most part currently. The blog is helping so much as its keeping me positive and that boosts my mood.

CFS wise I also had an ok week. It all caught up with me Friday and a lot of that was spent in bed but it was worth it for the better days this week.

I saw a new GP this week who had been on a CFS course so that was positive too and he wants to see me again in two weeks to see if he can help me highlight more ways I can manage the condition.


I’m not going to list all my meals by day this week. I’m not sure how much interest it is to people? I thought maybe an overview may be better?

I gave myself the weekend off as it was Mother’s Day, I still didn’t go too mad though. I also had a break for the blogging event.  I did well the rest of the week. Nothing processed. Lots of vegetables. No sugar, well not much!

To be honest, I’m very disillusioned with healthy eating at the moment, I may write a post on that this week.

The Best Version of Kelly


As well as my normal mum activities. I did a short walk on 5 days this week. Plus, the kids and my yoga class. I also did one session of my friends plan and increased to 30 seconds of each of the 4 activities this time. Still much room for improvement however as it was a busy week in other ways I didn’t want to push it.

Monthly Update

I have now been blogging for 3 months, having started on New Year’s Day. I am still enjoying it so much. I am so grateful for all the support. I have met some great people, had wonderful opportunities and best of all I really am facing my fears and becoming a better version of Kelly.

I published 14 posts this month which I was so proud of. My page views for the month, from Google Analytics, were 4032.

Isn’t that amazing! 4032 in only my third month.

In total, there have now been 2653 unique visitors to my blog. It’s mind blowing really.

I am so excited to see what comes next!

Remember to come back for next week’s diary and there should be at least two further posts. If you don’t want to miss one, then subscribe to the blog by email.

Thank you

Kelly x

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  1. It was so lovely to finally meet you Kelly and you're doing wonderfully with your blog. Thanks for the mention and keep up the good work!


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