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Kelly’s World and Diary (Weeks 7 and 8)

Welcome to week’s seven and eight of my diary series, starting Monday 17th April 2017.

You’re getting two for one this week as I decided last week to award myself a week off from blogging. Much as I adore blogging, I have been posting pretty much three times a week for four months now and I just felt I needed a break to give me some space to get caught up in a few other areas of life.

Haven Allhallows deckchair the best version of kelly

All Things Blog

After my break, I am now back and raring to go! I have so many blog post ideas and I’m desperate to get them all written for you, deciding which to do first is the problem!

I find my mental health and personal posts are the most popular and they also fit in best with the overall theme of my blog. I haven’t done one in a while and may continue to save them up as I know that from 8th May it is mental health awareness week and I think that would be a wonderful week to get some content out around this subject. I’m so passionate about sharing my experience, raising awareness and encouraging and helping others to do the same.

Last Monday I was invited back to feature on table talk on BBC radio Leicester, I was still nervous but much less so and I enjoyed the experience. Read all about my first show here. Also listen to my latest appearance here.

BBC Radio Leicester Jonathon Lampon Table Talk


During the first of these two weeks, it was still the Easter holidays and we went down to Kent and had four nights in a caravan at Haven Allhallows. We had a fun time, we love Haven and have been going since Annie, my eight-year-old daughter, was a baby. I am going to do a post all about our break.

When we first arrived at the caravan the first thing I had to do was unpack, I can’t relax until it’s done! Is anyone else like that?!

We had a fun and relaxing few days. We only left the site on one of the days as there was so much to do there. On that day, we visited Margate and Whitstable and had fish and chips, ice cream, played fruit machines and walked on the beach collecting shells, very British. We all love the seaside!

Margate Seafront The Best Version of kelly

We also had a couple of days in Eastbourne at the end of our break and saw lots of family which was lovely. We stayed with my cousins and the kids thought it was so much fun, they got spoilt rotten and even got to play pie face at breakfast! We also celebrated my aunty Betsy’s 80th birthday and my mum’s 70th birthday. Sadly, Betsy broke her wrist and spent much of her birthday in A&E! My five-year-old son Freddie made us all so proud though as right after she broke it he stood next to her for half an hour making sure she was ok. I love it when my children show kindness, proud mummy moment.

I also realised this past two weeks just how often I close my eyes in photos, literally 50% of the time! It's so annoying.

Eyes Closed the best version of kelly

This past week has been quieter and mainly involved piles of washing and ironing as I caught up after a week away! Oh, the glamour!!


I was worried how our holiday would affect my CFS, especially as I had a night where I was up past 10 o’clock (first time this year.) Surprisingly and rather wonderfully I handled it much better than expected and my usual symptoms didn’t get any worse.

It’s great to go through a good patch and I’m praying I don’t have a flare up coming.

I had a couple of days where my anxiety was high this past week. There were reasons for this though and overall I am pleased with how I am doing. Unfortunately, I still can’t talk about the reasons behind this as it is connected to my employment.

I am still doing well depression wise too.

It’s wonderful that this year so far has been more manageable health wise, I just hope this doesn’t make things boring for you as readers. Not that I imagine anyone would wish me ill health but you hopefully know what I mean.

Diet and exercise wise I again haven’t done wonderfully but it’s so hard to motivate myself now and even harder when it’s the school holidays. Food has always been one of my greatest loves and the thought of giving up so many treats is hard yet I still firmly believe that to see significant improvements in my health I must make long term changes.

It’s now only two weeks until I do the pretty mudder race for life event. I have decided I won’t run I will walk. Frankly if I manage to walk it and do all the obstacles I will be over the moon! Annie asked me why am I doing the race, I replied that I don’t like getting dirty and muddy that the thought of looking stupid in front of people scared me (letting my fellow runners down or crying are my biggest fears for the race) and that I generally have never been good at physical activity. She asked why would I do it then? I said, ‘what does mummy tell you to do if you fear something?’ she replied, ‘try it anyway.’ ‘Exactly’ I said. I am scared but I also know how amazing the sense of achievement feel feel.

The Best Version Of Kelly

This is my year to face my fears and if I can teach my children the importance of that in the process then all the better. I also love that they will be watching me and laughing as I get muddy, that will motivate me. Although I almost cancelled when one of my fellow competitors who does a lot of these races advised me to drink flat coke before the race. Apparently, it helps stop you getting an upset tummy if you swallow the mud (insert crying emoji.)

Thank you for reading

Kelly x

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