Monday, 8 May 2017

Kelly’s World / Diary Week 9

Welcome to week nine of my diary series, starting from May 1st 2017.

The Best Version Of Kelly

What happened to week eight I hear you all shout. My last diary post covered weeks six and seven, or so I thought. I had already done week six so the last one was actually weeks seven and eight. None of you noticed my error (tut tut.) It’s now been rectified, if I hadn’t changed it then it would have bugged me forever!

Why did numbering them seem like a clever idea?!

First things first, I really need to buy a diary and make notes as doing this from memory is not very reliable! It’s all true but I probably miss plenty of stuff out. Have you ever tried to buy a current diary in May? Don’t, all you will find are academic ones and they don’t start till August. (rolls eyes at self) I need to just write in a notebook don’t I.

Here goes then from memory.

All Things Blog

After a week off from blogging, I started this week with a two-weekly diary installment.

Also this week, I posted an update on my journey to becoming the best version of Kelly. This felt quite momentous and completely changed my mindset on how I am doing. I am always so quick to be pessimistic and hard on yours truly so making myself write out my achievements has been a positive experience.

Finally, I posted all about our recent holiday to HavenAllhallows.

There were no blog events this week. (boo)

I haven't written any fashion posts in a while now. I find them fun to produce and love experimenting with clothes now I feel more confident doing so. I just don't have enough clothes or budget to do them regularly! Hopefully another will be along soon.


I’m scratching my head trying to think what I did last week? I am sure there were things. All I can think of is pizza! Ooh pizza…….

Bella Italia Campagna Pizza

So yes, on Thursday I met up with three of my friends who I am doing the race for life with next weekend. We discussed mud and pants and ate lots of naughty but oh so yummy food. If you haven’t been to Bella Italia recently you really should go, the thin based pizzas and the gelato sundaes are to die for. As are the mocktails.

I wore my black and white stripped shirt and pink bomber, I'm sure you've seen them, I wear them loads! I added my black slip on trainers.

The Best Version Of Kelly

On Friday, me and the kids had to visit the dentist, one of the few things in life I am not scared of! Annie had to have her two top front baby teeth taken out. They have been wobbly for ages but instead of coming out they just kept pointing further forward as the new teeth grew down behind them. She was very brave and coped well with the two injections and the teeth removal. I coped too as it really wasn’t pleasant to watch (I know, I know, it was much worse for her.)

Saturday was lovely. Me and Annie, my eight-year-old, went into town for the afternoon. Freddie and Ross went to the football. Yes, we were fitting right into our gender stereotypes and loving it.

I was foolishly hoping we may be able to look in some shops for me, think Zara, River Island etc. Of course, Annie ended up picking all the shops, think Tiger, Toys R Us, Smiggle etc. I loved it. It is a treat having a daughter to go around the shops with. Saying that, Freddie can shop for Britain too and I think he is due a one on one trip into town with mummy next. (and I’m not just saying this to be politically correct!) Ross won’t manage to get Annie to the football though, that’s for sure.

Shopping in Smiggle

Shopping in Set

For the town trip I wore my black and white shirt and (surprise surprise) my pink bomber. I mixed it up by adding my new silver brogues. I love these shoes! I got them recently from Matalan, somewhere I would never think to shop for shoes. They are really comfy too. 

The Best Version of Kelly

Matalan Silver Brogues


Another reasonable week in what I now consider to be my version of 'normal' health.

I decided this week I really should see if I am still capable of walking 5k ahead of next week’s race. The good news is I did it! I have noticed the effects CFS wise since but not as severely as I feared. Whilst I think repeating it regularly would be foolish at this stage I am relieved that I am much more likely now to complete the race. (not that I will be ‘racing’ anyone)

Don’t forget to come back for next week’s diary, there should be two further posts this week as well.

Thank you for reading.

Kelly x

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  1. I love Smiggle! Well done on the 5k walk, you clearly deserved that pizza :D


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