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Kelly’s World Week 10

Welcome to week ten of my diary series, starting Monday 8th May 2017.

If you’ve not read one of my diaries before, they are where I update you on my life, my blog and my journey to improve my health naturally and become the best version of Kelly. See previous diary posts here.

the best version of kelly

All Things Blog

Another quiet week blog wise. I’m disappointed in myself as my aim this week was to upload some mental health posts as it was mental health awareness week. Sadly, it just didn’t work out for me.

When I started the blog, I was aiming to post three times a week and on the whole I was managing that. As you will have noticed though I have slowed down over the past few weeks. I don’t want to beat myself up over that though as it defeats the object of the blog. This is a positive journey!

From now on I will post when I feel like it. It will be more fun for me that way and should be an improvement for you too as I’m sure my posts will be better because of it.


I had a quiet start to the week.

On Wednesday I met a friend for lunch. They helped me take some pictures to use on the blog. In a packed pub, it was difficult not to feel a little self-conscious yet I did extremely well in not letting it worry me too much. This picture is for use in a serious post and I couldn’t stop giggling! People must wonder why some woman is having a picture taken of her reading the paper?! (All will become clear in a future post)

The best version of kelly

On Friday, another friend came around for a cuppa. I had forgotten she was coming! Thank god, I was in. In the past and even now on occasion this would have sent me into a mad panic yet again I handled it well and enjoyed the time with her.

I’m doing so well this may start to be boring for you all soon!
I am making a real effort to keep up with my friends since writing my post about how hard I find it to make friends.

Friday ended badly! I take the kids to their swimming lessons on Fridays. This week we managed to forget Freddie’s bag, luckily, he had his swimsuit on under his clothes so I decided he and Annie would have to share a hat, goggles and towel. They swim one after the other so it’s possible. The panic about what to do about the forgotten bag threw us and there wasn’t time to go to the shop for sweets like we often do. So, I took Annie down to the shop whilst Freddie swam, it’s only next door anyway. The problem is that Annie is going through a phase of struggling to make decisions and regretting those she does make. Does anyone else have a child around the age of 8 who does this?

She regretted her sweet choice and when we got back to the pool refused to eat them and had a meltdown about the whole thing. I managed to get her into her swimsuit and got the hat and goggles off Freddie and onto her but she refused to get into the pool and wouldn’t stop crying. I needed to calm her down but also had Freddie to help dry and change! I was running between the girls and boys changing rooms (Annie refused to come into the boys). Once Annie was dressed again she then wouldn’t stop crying as she regretted not getting in the pool (give me strength) She then wanted her sweets too! I didn’t give them to her.

During these situations, I am always torn between how best to handle it. I get so embarrassed if it’s in public for a start. Mainly though I wonder if the behaviour warrants punishment or not? I did punish her, she didn’t get her sweets, was told off and knew she was wrong. However, part of me also just wanted to give her hug as I am sure a lot of it is just her struggling to handle her emotions rather than being badly behaved and I don’t want her to think it’s wrong to show negative emotion. Any ideas/advice on this would be gratefully received.

On Sunday I did the pretty mudder version of the race for life. I first mentioned my plan to do it in this post here. It was a huge challenge for me as my CFS has meant my fitness has been at an all-time low. In addition to that I was hugely anxious about the whole thing. I intend to do a post all about the experience so keep an eye out for that soon.

Pretty Mudder Race for Life Prestwold Hall


Because of the build up to the race, a difficult meeting I had to attend and Annie’s meltdown on Friday it has been quite an up and down week emotionally and I have felt the effects of that on my health. I suffered with more than one severe headache as well as an increase in my normal CFS symptoms. I slept for eleven hours Friday night and still had two hour long naps on Saturday as well as more than nine more hours sleep that night.  

My body just doesn’t handle stress anymore. Not any type or any amount. I am sure I must be suffering with adrenal fatigue after years of emotional stresses and strains. Another thing to try and cure on this journey.


I treated myself this week. I needed it! I also have decided to start the Candida diet again from Monday. Not because I think I have candida but because it is a great detox and I feel I need it. I will do another post all about this.

On Saturday as a final treat we went out for afternoon tea to Dobbie’s. They do a lovely tea for adults and a special for children which is so fun and such a treat!

Afternoon Tea Dobbie's

Afternoon Tea Dobbie's Kids

Afternoon Tea Dobbie's Kids


I had my gym based physio and did the race. I ached after both. I am pleased I managed them though and see it as a real positive.

Thank you for reading

Kelly x

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  1. Parenting is the most difficult job and we get no training...! I've found a subscription to 'Aha parenting' useful in the past (it's free emailed advice - it's about being kind to yourself too. The address it comes from is: <DrLauraMarkham@AhaParenting.com Try googling, or let me know if you want me to forward you an email so you can have a look... Stay positive Kelly: you're making huge strides forward... Ruth :-)


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