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Kelly’s World Week 11

Welcome to week 11 of my diary series, starting Monday 15th May 2017.

I literally can’t believe I am already on week 11 of this series! Time really does go so quickly.

World Peace Cafe Leicester Rainbow Jacket Potato Vegan and Gluten Free

All Things Blog

Some of my more avid readers have hopefully noticed that I have been blogging a lot less this past month or so. I’m not sure why. I was enjoying the blog so much and was so excited and passionate about the whole thing. Now it feels like I have lost my blogging mojo and I seem to have hit a wall of doubt.

I think most bloggers experience this and as my natural tendency is to fear what others think, it has maybe made this worse for me.

The initial novelty wore off for some readers, which is perfectly understandable, I just then let the doubts creep in. ‘Are people really interested?’ ‘Am I good enough?’ ‘What do I know about fashion anyway?’ ‘Am I just making a fool of myself?’

You get the idea.

I am going to persist though as I know deep down how much this means to me and how much I can enjoy it.

the best version of kelly

Life, Health and Food

This week I had kept my diary completely clear so I could do a detox. Whilst my diet hasn’t been bad this year so far, I felt it could be better. I had noticed my skin was getting worse, both on my face with spots and on other parts of my body with red itchy patches. My nails were weak, my hair was dry, my tongue was often covered with a yellow coating etc.

All signs my body is far from its best.

I read recently about detox baths and decided to incorporate these into my routine. I started them this week, initially I am having one daily. As I am using this method to detox it made sense to also try detoxing through my diet.

Last year when I did the candida diet it didn’t improve my fatigue immediately (I noticed improvements after around three months) yet it did improve my skins, nails etc.

I figure its common sense that if I am to have any hope of recovering from my CFS my body needs to be the best it can be and that starts with diet.

Good diet is also linked with better mental health and a better ability to deal with stress.

As I discussed in a previous post, here, the problem is deciding what a healthy diet exactly is.

Due to my past success with the candida diet I decided to try it again and started on Monday. The first week of the diet is a detox phase and allows only non-starchy vegetables and eggs. I followed this until Friday. It was much easier than last time and my diet clearly is reasonably ok as I got no symptoms of detoxing. 

Stir Fry Veg and Eggs - candida diet phase one
Stir Fry and Eggs

spicy veg and Eggs - candida diet phase one
Spicy Vegetables and Eggs

Aubergine and red pepper dip and crudites Candida diet phase one
Aubergine and Red Pepper Dip 

Due to the lack of symptoms I think it is clear candida isn’t a problem for me. So, I spent most of Friday debating what to do next. Continue onto phase two of the candida diet or try something new that may help my CFS more than that did?

I have heard of several people who have recovered from chronic conditions by turning to a gluten free diet and a vegan diet. So that is what I decided to try. So as of Saturday, I have been eating a gluten free vegan diet.

I know that to many of you this will seem mad and unnecessary and maybe even a bad idea. I’ve already been told that I will have no energy, could end up anaemic etc. Whilst I appreciate the concern and would hate for that to end I also need your understanding.
I feel ill daily.

Yes, I cope, I look ok, I probably seem fine to anyone who meets me. But underneath I will be feeling exhausted and achy and probably foggy headed. Doctors can’t help me, no one can. So, I must help myself, and that means trial and error and endless research on the internet. Sometimes I may get it wrong yet one time I will hopefully get it right.

As for my other health this week, due to the detox I had little energy and used most of it cooking so I barely left the house apart from school runs. So, when on Friday I went to a supermarket I found myself feeling very anxious driving and anxious in the shop too. This goes to show that I must keep going out and visiting shops etc. as the more I do it the easier it generally becomes.

My mood has been lower this week too and for a few weeks now I have had less enthusiasm for many things, it hadn’t occurred to me until this week that had been the case but it’s a warning sign and I am taking note of that now and trying to turn things around.

I’m not sure this post sounds overly positive this week! It is though as making the decision to make this diet change feels very positive.

I think I will do a post on my detox as that may be interesting to people. I will also probably do a post on how I am finding my new diet.

Black Bean Chilli Gluten Free Vegan
Black Bean Chilli

I literally have about 100 post ideas and now just need to find the time and enthusiasm to write them. Blogging mojo return to me please.

Remember to come back for next week’s diary.

Thank you reading.

Kelly x

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