Sunday, 16 July 2017

Kelly’s World Week’s 15 to 19

Welcome back to my diary series, this one covers 12th June until 16th July 2017.

In these diaries, I welcome you into my life and talk about my health, diet, exercise, family, life in general and of course blogging.

The Best Version Of Kelly Friendsfest Sheffield

All Things Blog

I was adamant after my last diary post that I would get back to posting these at least once a week. Yet that was 5 weeks ago and this is the first one I have managed.

I lost my motivation, my confidence and my routine.

I was due to attend a blogging event in June and was also due to be on the radio however I cancelled both due to ill health.

It feels like my blogging bubble has burst. But it was so good, I was doing so well and enjoying it so much and I’m determined to work hard to get it back.

The one wonderful thing to have come from the blog recently is the opportunity to review some children’s toys. That has led to me setting up a YouTube channel for my children. It is something they have wanted to do for ages and whilst I had my reservations I am glad I gave in as I enjoy sharing this with them. You can find their channel here, it’s called BananaEyebrow. Please watch, subscribe and comment, it means the world to them. Children especially will enjoy the videos.

YouTube Banana Eyebrow Hatchimal Puzzle Review

I don’t want this blog to become all about toys as that isn’t the point of it at all however if I get the opportunity to review something the kids will love then I will and I hope you can all understand that. Just read what interests you.

Life, Health and Diet

The stressful situation with my employer that I have hinted at on here before has dominated my thoughts for the past month.
I keep being rather shady about the situation, that is because I have tried to keep it out of the blog as I am acting professionally however It is currently hard to explain my situation without telling you a little more.

Basically, I have had to raise a grievance against HR and my line manager for the way they have treated me since my CFS diagnosis almost two years ago. The grievance was submitted at the beginning of February and it took until the 22nd June for it to be heard, even then we ran out of time and I had to go back this week to finish it.

Waiting for the hearing has been stressful, the events that led to the hearing were stressful and the hearing itself was stressful.

I can’t even enter the buildings at my work now without my anxiety flaring and must fight back tears. It’s like a kind of post traumatic shock and being there reminds me of all the upset that has come before and brings it all back.

I haven’t slept well in a while and stress always aggravates my CFS and depression.

I won’t divulge the content of the grievance as I still await the result.

So, my health has been up and down. I’ve had success and bleak moments too.

There is so much to tell you all!!

My Mum and Dad came to stay last month and my Mum came again this month, I always enjoy and value the time with them. I love them a lot.

I have been back in therapy and have had a successful result in one area already.

I have come off my anti-depressant pills with the intention to change to a different type (Fluoxetine to Citalopram) and have had interesting results.

I have been to three mindfulness classes and loved them.

I have now been vegan and gluten free for 9 weeks now, with only one cheat day when I attended a food festival (oops). I am enjoying it and finding it so much easier than I thought I would.

I have been to the Foodies Festival, FriendsFest and a vegan market. I have pictures from them all and want to tell you about them all but it’s too much for here.

It’s all too much to put into one post so I will try my best to post more regularly again and will either do posts specific to each topic or elaborate more on them in future diary posts.

The Best Version of Kelly

The list of blog posts I want to write is now as long as my arm. I haven't even posted one about the mud race I completed and I am so proud of that achievement that I must put it into a post soon.

That’s it for today, a short update to hopefully get me going again and to let you know I am still around. It sounds a bit negative overall but fear not as I am ending the 5 weeks feeling stronger and more positive than I started.

Tomorrow we are heading down to a Haven park in Clacton. I will be doing a blog of our stay and the kids are planning a vlog!

Thank you for reading. Stick with me, you support means so much to me.

If you’re reading this, I love you!

Kelly x

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  1. Good to have you back Kelly! We all need a break from time to time (I'm being very slack with my blog recently) and it sounds like you've had good reason for yours. Just remember you're beholden to no one; it's your blog and you post when you want and what you want. I doubt you'll get unfollowed by anyone because of a lack of posts, it's when we get fed up with 20 a day coming in we'll give up ;)


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