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Little Live Pets Ladybug Playset Review

I was recently asked to review the Little Live Pets Ladybug Playset. Those of you familiar with my blog will know my children Annie who is eight and Freddie who is five have a YouTube channel on which they love to review toys and so of course we said yes.

Little Live Pets Ladybug Playset Review

The Little Live Pets Ladybug Playset is a fun and interactive toy that is aimed at children aged five and over.

We were sent the playset itself which comes with exclusive ladybug Spotsy and her baby. We also were sent a Little Live Pets Lil Ladybug Single Pack and ours contained the bug known as Bug Beam and her matching baby.

Little Live Pets Ladybug Playset Review

There are 12 single pack ladybugs to collect. Which is a great idea as kids love anything they can collect and priced at £5.99 the single packs would make great birthday party presents or, dare I say it in August, stocking fillings.

The set comes complete with batteries, genius idea and always a bonus with a children’s toy. There is nothing worse than running around on the morning of their birthday desperately trying to find a battery that will fit their prized new toy!

I stupidly forgot to take pictures whilst the toys were still in their packaging, we were too excited to open them! However, you can still see pictures of the toys in this post and if you watch our video which will be linked below you will see how they look when packaged and will also see them is action.

The baby ladybugs attach to the mummy bug and when you turn her on she will scurry around pulling her baby behind her on either on any firm surface or in the ladybug garden which comes as part of the playset. She can even manage to pull two babies.

Little Live Pets Ladybug Playset Review

The garden is on two levels and you spin the flower dial to activate the lift and get your ladybugs to the top level. Annie and Freddie liked this bit the best. You can also direct your bugs and help them further explore the garden’s lower level by using the movable signpost and gate.

Little Live Pets Ladybug Playset Review

There are two exit ramps. It annoyed us when first using the toy that the ladybug would exit down the ramps so often. We have since discovered that you can shut the gate above the ramps to keep your ladybugs in the garden. That will teach us for being impatient and not reading the instructions!!

Overall, I think this game is well made, well thought out and fun. The bright colours add to the appeal and so does the fact you can collect further bugs.

My only slight criticism, and in the name of honesty I will always tell you if I have one, is that I think the recommended age is a bit too high. Obviously, the recommendations are well tested by the toy companies and my opinion may therefore mean nothing however, I think if you got this for a five-year-old they could quite likely get bored of it by the time they were six and so the shelf life of this toy would be short. The age is of course a guide only and the important one, the safety warning dictates this toy to be fine for anyone aged three and over so I would probably be most likely to buy this toy for a four-year-old.

Little Live Pets Ladybug Playset Review

If you want to see this toy in action then watch Annie and Freddie’s video review of the game here:

The recommended retail price for this set is £21.99 and you can buy it from Amazon here. The single packs retail for £5.99 and I found them at ToysRUs here.

Please note this post was not sponsored however we were kindly sent the toys to review and keep.

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Thank you for reading

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  1. You have such lovely kids! I would have adored this when I was younger.

    Sophie xx // One Unique


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