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What the Heck Is Happening with My Diet?

I am currently aiming to improve my health and life using nutrition, exercise and stress management. My health conditions are chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS/ME), depression and anxiety. By better managing those, confronting my fears and saying yes to opportunities I hope to become the best version of Kelly.

I started around three years ago looking to my diet to improve my health. Of the three areas I must tackle it is by far the one I have worked the hardest on. I have been motivated to change as it makes sense to me that what you put into your body effects every area of your health.

The best version of kelly

To save repeating myself, if you haven’t already then please read my post ‘My Journey to Healthy Eating.’

So last year I had success with the candida diet but had slipped back into old habits. This year I started out with achievable goals of simply eating at least two healthy meals a day. The problem I soon realised was that, thanks to so much conflicting advice, I didn’t actually know what healthy eating was as explained in my post ‘Why Has Healthy Eating Become So Confusing.’

The best version of kelly

At the time of writing that one I was toying with the idea of starting a plant based (vegan) diet. I had come across several chronic health sufferers who had found success with eating plant based. So, from May I started to follow a fully gluten free and plant based diet.

I was sure it would be near impossible. In the end I found it easier than I could have imagined. Yes, I missed the food I couldn’t eat but I really enjoyed the food I was eating. I also found eating out fairly straightforward although eating at other people’s houses involved a little more planning.

The best version of kelly

I managed it for about three months. Then part way through the summer holidays, out of frustration at having to prepare everyone different meals three times a day I gave up.

If I had noticed improvements in my health I would have found it easier to continue but I wasn’t. I had no more energy than normal and constantly felt bloated. I had bad skin and I put on weight too.
It is a real shame as I had found I really did enjoy following a plant based diet. But it didn’t suit me and currently my health needs to come first.

Plant based diets work wonders for so many but not for me.

The candida diet on the other hand improved my skin, cleared up my eczema, made my hair and nails stronger and eventually gave me more energy. I could feel my body loved it. Yet it is so unbelievably strict that managing it is near impossible.

The main things cut out on the candida diet are sugar and anything that converts to sugar. So, I am currently trying to avoid sugar and carbs. Avoid, not cut out. I am also back to eating meat, eggs and a little dairy.

When I am at home I try and eat candida suitable meals for lunch and dinner. But I will include things such as carrots, peas and chick peas on occasion as although they aren’t allowed on the candida diet I don’t feel I need to go quite to that extreme. Likewise, I always eat a healthy breakfast but allow myself to include fruit in it.

I love the food I eat, look at this breakfast, it looks and tastes like chocolate moose yet contains vegetables! (Yes that is a paw patrol bowl, the dishwasher was full, don't judge.)

The best version of kelly

I allow myself to cheat when eating out and occasionally at home.

I usually find it hard to stick to diets when I know I can cheat. But this time I am doing much better and have found myself feeling much more motivated.

I only restarted about three weeks ago, so it is early days. Watch this space for updates!

I hope I won’t receive too much criticism for failing at veganism. I understand many vegans are very passionate about their lifestyle and I fully expect to lose some of them as followers on my social media accounts. But as I said, much as I enjoyed eating that way, it didn’t suit my health and that must come first. Although I still eat some plant based meals as I miss them.

Onward and upwards!

Thank you for reading

Kelly x


  1. This is a lovely post, I’m glad you’re finding a way to manage your conditions through diet. It’s something I’m really passionate about! Well done you 😊 x

  2. I was looking into doing veganuary next year but I'm so aneamic at the moment that I think it would be a terrible idea! My fatigue was bad pre op (they aren't sure if I have fibromyalgia or if it's a symptom of my IBS but with the aneamic it's taken on a whole life of its own! As you know I'm reading intuitive eating and I'm hoping to just tune back into my body and listen to it 😂 Easier said than done I know!

    Charlotte |

  3. When switching to a vegan diet it's normal to feel bloated at the beginning, that's just your body getting used to the diet. I was actually bloated for a good three weeks. Did you track your food? Maybe you had no energy because you were eating the wrong foods? I'm anemic and I don't feel any less energy on a plant based diet. I'm not trying to knock you, but usually that's what it comes to when people try go vegan.

    You say that your new diet is near impossible to manage. Remember that the way you eat should be a lifestyle and not just a "diet". If you find it hard to stick to and really restrictive, I feel like it's not going to be a long term way of eating for you. I know this because when I used to restrict food I was so unhappy.

    Good luck with it all though :)

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  6. Then another friend will recommend a different diet and I'm right there, ready to try that one too.


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