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How My Anxiety and Fear of Judgement Has Even Affected My Hair

I have written posts in the past about both my anxiety and fear of judgement and explained how they have affected almost every area of my life. I even wrote posts about the impact this has had on the way I dressed and my relationship with make up. Now it is time for hair and of course hairstylists. 

Danique Hair Leicester

My fears always left me wanting to not draw any attention to myself. I simply wanted to blend in. So it went without saying I kept my hair the same. 

I believe I was around six years old when my mum took me to get my hair cut into a short bob with a fringe. Give or take a couple of short lived changes that was how it stayed for the next thirty years.

I was a natural born red head and stuck with that through my teenage years. I never had a perm or tried hair dye. At the age of twenty one whilst at University I finally rebelled and had blonde highlights put in yet then stuck with those since. 

The only thing I feared more than a major hair change was a hairdresser change. Through University I would travel the two hundred miles back to my home town to get my hair done, yes really.

I lacked the confidence to change my look and I lacked confidence in my ability to style my hair should it be changed. I also felt very self conscious entering hair salons. I felt out of my depth surrounded by all the stylists who seemed to have perfectly styled modern hair. 

Growing out my fringe, letting my hair grow long and experimenting with wearing my hair up have all been big changes for me and I love it. It's another fear faced on my journey to be the best version of Kelly. 

It was with that in mind that I recently visited Danique Hair in Leicester for the first time. Whilst I have made much progress in overcoming my many fears I was still wary of going to a new salon. I needn't have worried.

My stylist was Keri, the salon's owner and manager. From the moment Keri welcomed me in with her warm smile I felt at ease. 

Check out my before pictures. The bright light actually doesn't show up my regrowth up quite as dark as was in reality.

Danique Hair Leicester

Danique Hair Leicester

Danique Hair Leicester
Danique Hair Leicester

I told Keri I wanted to have my highlights refreshed and just a small trim from the length of my hair (as usual.) Although I did also ask her opinion. She convinced me to try a different tone and to let her add some layers to my hair. (Layers have always been a scary word for me as layers mean's more styling ability is needed surely?!)

Keri quickly got to mixing up my colour whilst I enjoyed a cuppa. 

Since becoming a mum I really appreciate a visit to the hairdressers as a chance to have some me time, chill out with a magazine or have a good gossip with my stylist. Danique is a great place to do just that. The salon has such a lovely, friendly atmosphere. Whilst I was there two regular clients popped in just to have a cuppa and a catch up! 

Danique Hair Leicester

Danique Hair Leicester

Yes I have included a during picture too. Not worrying about looking foolish is a huge part of the journey I am on to being the best version of Kelly.

I really did feel so at ease at Danique and it made for a lovely experience. The salon manages to be both homely and stylish.
Danique Hair LeicesterWhilst having the color applied I also had a Wellaplex treatment added. This treatment protects your hair from the damage that can be done when having your hair coloured.

In the past I have had a similar in salon treatment called Olaplex. I have to admit that I personally found my hair to feel in better condition after Olaplex rather than Wellaplex however this is simply my opinion and of course everyone's hair is different.

Keri also used several Label M products on my hair. Label M products are used at London fashion week and Keri is a Label M ambassador and works at fashion week. If you twist her arm she will tell you some of the celebrities she has worked with. I knew I was in good hands!

My favourite of the products used was Label M's volume mousse. I treated myself to a bottle and have been using it at home. It has a very different texture to a normal mousse, can be applied liberally and gives great volume without the stickiness you often get from a mousse.

Now for the after pictures, I think you can see from my face how happy I was with the results. I couldn't stop taking smiley selfies!

Danique Hair Leicester

Danique Hair Leicester

Danique Hair Leicester

Danique Hair Leicester

I was also lucky enough to get Keri pose for a pic with me. 

Danique Hair Leicester

Danique Hair Leicester

Keri really has thought of everything to ensure her clients have a great and relaxing experience. All new customers receive 50% off a cut. You will also be invited back for a complimentary blow dry within seven days. This is a thoughtful touch especially if like me you would lack the confidence to go back and say if the service for any reason hadn't lived up to expectations. By being invited back you not only get an extra bonus pamper session you also have an opportunity to discuss any concerns you may have or indeed an extra chance to relay your satisfaction.

For me the concern after a great haircut is having to then recreate it myself. Sadly I cant get mine looking anything like as good as Keri did, which is devastating, but that is my lack of skill and bears no reflection to the cut. I have included a pic below of my hair after I had styled it myself, this was before I went back for my complimentary blow dry.

Danique Hair Leicester

This final picture is after the blow dry and showed another option for styling my new cut. 

I just need to convince Keri to give me a styling lesson!

I had a wonderful time at Danique Hair in Leicester. When it comes to running a salon Keri really has got the formula spot on.

If like me you lack confidence when it comes to having your hair done or in trying a new salon, I can firmly recommend Danique, they will put you at ease. Before you know it you will feel part of the family. 

Danique Hair Leicester

If reading this makes me you decide to give Danique a try then I would love it if you could tell them that and let me know too.

I received a complimentary cut and colour, all views here are my own.

Thank you for reading.

Kelly x

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