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Catch Up With Kelly #3 - Diet and an Intolerance Test

I can’t start this blog without first acknowledging my absence on here for the past few weeks. Again, life has taken over and made blogging difficult for me. I have a lot going on much of which I hope will be positive, and I hope to update you more fully on it all over the coming months. For now, here is a little diet update that I think you will find interesting.

A few weeks ago, I was approached by LifeLab Testing to see if I would like to take one of their intolerance tests and review my experience here on the blog.

Lifelabtesting intolerance test

As my regular readers will know I suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) as well as depression and anxiety. I have often read that so many of the health issues we will experience in our lifetimes can stem from an unhealthy gut. With mental health issues this can be hard to believe yet the evidence is there.

With this in mind I have spent the past two years trying out different diets with the aim of improving my health. I have tried the candida diet, a vegan diet, a low carb. diet etc. To my frustration none of them have significantly improved my health. Mainly I imagine as I have been working alone to guess what foods may be helping or indeed not helping my body work efficiently. 

Therefore, I jumped at the chance of taking an intolerance test.

LifeLab offer a range of tests that look for allergies and/or food intolerance's, right from a basic test that looks at 25 key foods and drinks up to a complete intolerance kit that looks at 160. 

Lifelabtesting intolerance test

I ordered the complete intolerance test. The LifeLab website is very easy to use. There is a video tutorial available that in just a few minutes clearly talks you through everything from ordering the test to taking the test. I found the video both useful and reassuring.

My test kit arrived promptly and in such cute packaging. Ok I know this is about so much more than packaging, but the bright pink box cheered me up!

Being somewhat squeamish and frankly a wimp I did have to get my husband to help me prick my finger with the lancet that was provided and help me fill the tube with blood. Don't worry it is a small tube and I needn't have worried as the experience was easy enough. Again, watching the video on the LifeLab website proved very useful in preparing to take the test.

Lifelabtesting intolerance test

Lifelabtesting intolerance test

I sent the test off in the packaging provided and around a week later my results were available to download through my account on the LifeLab website.

The results were well laid out and clear to follow. for each food I was given a score out of 100 with 0 showing an excellent result and 100 indicating a critical intolerance. 

I scored 0.35 or excellent for 150 of the 160 foods tested. I scored up to 3.01 or good for 6 of the foods. A good score suggests the food is safe for you, so I admit to not paying attention to those foods.

The results showed there were 4 foods in total that I have an intolerance of at a level of concern. These were;

Avocado – Alert – score 15.04/100

Asparagus – Critical – score 100/100

White Beans - Critical – score 100/100

Egg Whites – Critical – score 100/100

I found these results very interesting. It would never have occurred to me that I could have an intolerance of any of these foods.

Lifelabtesting intolerance test

In all the diets I have tried I have always included at least 2 of these foods in the meals I regularly ate.

Whilst I wouldn’t suggest for one second my CFS, depression or anxiety are the results of an intolerance one could certainly explain many of my other complaints such as bloating, spots, eczema etc.

I have therefore eliminated these foods from my diet.

It isn’t easy as I love them, especially eggs. However, in time I believe it is possible to reverse an intolerance and that will be my aim.

In my next catch up post I will update you more on my diet changes and as time goes on I will write about what impact eliminating these foods had and how I get on when I reintroduce them.

If you have ever thought about taking an intolerance test I can genuinely and highly recommend LifeLab. They have 15 years’ experience of intolerance testing and they provide a friendly, efficient and straightforward service.  You can find their website here.

This post is not sponsored, and all opinions are my own however I was provided with the test free of charge.

Thank you for reading

Kelly x


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  1. Will be interesting to see if avoiding these foods helps at all. Fingers crossed for a positive result.

    Great to see you back blogging again

    Hoping to see more in the coming weeks


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